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You can find helpful information about Online Banking in the Help Centre. Simply navigate to the relevant page to find the information you are looking for.

Help with my Bank Account

Account balance

Your account balance is the amount of money in your account and includes all transactions posted. Overdraft protection and Operating Line of Credit, if applicable, are not included in your account balance.

Available funds

Your available funds are the amount of money available to you to cover debit transactions from your account. Debit transactions include:

  • cash withdrawals from an Automated Bank Machine (ABM)
  • point-of-sale purchases
  • bill payments
  • transfers out of your account
  • Interac ® e-Transfers

Your account balance and your available funds may be different if:

  • You have funds in your account that are currently on hold
  • You have overdraft protection on your account

Calculating your available funds

Available Funds = Your Account Balance + Overdraft Protection (if applicable) – Funds on Hold

Funds on hold

Funds on hold are deposits you have made to your account that have not yet been cleared by the bank.

Examples of deposits that will be held until cleared include:

  • deposits at an ABM or branch
  • non-cash deposits to a new account
  • foreign currency deposits
  • cheques drawn on a financial institution outside of Canada

Hold funds usually clear within three to five business days.

A note about overdraft protection

For more information about overdraft protection including interest rates and fees, see the Agreements for Business Banking brochure and the Better Banking Guide for Business brochure.

Transaction codes

Every transaction completed on your account has a code that appears in your account history. Please refer to the chart for the code and corresponding transaction type.

CodeTransaction TypeCodeTransaction Type
ADAdjustmentLPLoan Advance
BCBill Payment CancelledLTLarge Volume Account List Total
CBCheque Posted by BranchMBMulti-Branch Banking®
CCCertified ChequeNRNon-Resident Tax
CDCustomer DepositNSCheque Returned NSF
CKChequeNTNesbitt Burns Entry
CMCredit MemoOLOnline Debit Purchase
CWTelephone/Online bankingOMOther Automated Banking Machine
DCOther ChargeOVOnline Debit Refund
DDDirect Deposit/Pre-authorized DebitPRPurchase at Merchant
DMDebit MemoRCNSF Charge
DNNot Service chargeableRNMerchandise Return
DROverdraftRTReturned Item
DSService chargeableRVMerchant Reversal
ECError CorrectionSCService Charge
FXForeign ExchangeSOStanding Order
GSTaxSTMerchant Deposit
IBInstabank®TFTransfer of Funds
LILoan InterestWDWithdrawal
LNLoan Payment