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You can find helpful information about Online Banking in the Help Centre. Simply navigate to the relevant page to find the information you are looking for.

Help with Stop a Payment

Our Stop Payment service allows you to request that the bank not honour payment of a cheque, series of cheques or pre-authorized debit.

It is not possible to stop payment on a cheque or pre-authorized debit that has already been withdrawn from your account.

Request a stop payment if:

  • A cheque has been lost or stolen
  • You have written a cheque in error

We are unable to accept stop payment requests on these products:

  • BMO mortgages
  • BMO loans
  • BMO investments
  • BMO MasterCard or BMO Line of Credit (LOC) automatic payments
  • Any other BMO products that are set up with automatic payments

Certified Cheques

The Stop Payment service cannot be used to stop payment on a certified cheque.