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COVID-19 update: Your health is our priority

Updated November 9, 2021

Please contact to obtain a copy of an email communication listed below.

October 1, 2021: Frequently Asked Questions
August 31: Restarting paper contract delivery
July 13: Premium Deferral Program for Policyowners - OFFER EXTENDED
July 2: Paramedical Provider (In-Home Visits)
June 10: Paramedical Provider and Accelerated Underwriting Updates
May 26: Premium Deferral Program for Policyowners - offer extended
April 22: Single Premium Immediate Annuities (SPIA) (Signature and Form Delivery Changes)
April 14: BMO GIF Segregated Funds (Signature and Form Delivery Changes)
April 8: E-delivery for policy contracts
April 7: Premium Deferral Program for Policyowners
April 2: Frequently Asked Questions
March 26: Underwriting Changes
March 23: Health and safety is our priority
March 18: Update
March 16: New Business and Underwriting update

In the coming weeks, we are preparing for an increase in inquires related to the COVID-19 situation. Recognizing the importance of responding quickly in these challenging times, we developed the following guidelines and practices.

Have a question?

We recommend email as the most efficient communication method. The Contact Us page on the Insurance Advisor site provides department email addresses.

New Business

Application Submission:

  • The BMO Insurance Smart App can be done Face to Face or Non-Face to Face. These applications reach our office immediately.
  • For MGA’s or National Account partners that are not set up for Smart App, we have approved on a temporary basis the Face-to-Face Life Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance Application Form, 126E on a non face to face basis for ALL our products.
  • Face to Face Paper Applications can be sent via secure email to our New Business Applications email address:

Service Providers and Reinsurance:

  • We are continuing to work closely with our Canadian Service providers to ensure that they can continue to service clients. We recommend where possible to have clients complete the tele-interview as this can be completed over the phone.
  • Submissions to reinsurance will continue as we operate electronically with all our reinsurance partners.

Policy Contacts & Policy Delivery:

  • As an interim measure a soft copy of the policy contract and delivery requirements will be emailed to the MGA for delivery by the advisor.
  • If they choose, the advisor can deliver these documents to the client Non-Face to Face provided that we are provided with a copy of the signed delivery receipt.
  • We will only accept payments by Pre-Authorized Debit and Credit Card (for annual payments only).
  • Settlement documents can be emailed via secure email to: .

New Business Correspondence:

  • Any new business inquiries, including status updates can be emailed via secure email to: .
  • Although our preference is that you communicate with us via email, in the event that you need to call us we can be reached at the following numbers:
    • New Business: 1-866-841-0783
    • National Account: 1-855-659-3008

New Business Contacts:

Role Staff Email Address
Vice President and Chief Corporate UnderwriterKatarina
Manager, New BusinessCindy
Manager, CC, Mail & UW SupportAdriana
Case Coordinators/ManagersCaroline
Amal Ouznadi (Bilingual)
Catherine Chiasson-Barbesin (Elite)
Lesley Alleyne (Bilingual)

Client Services

Contact us via email at
  • Requests to be sent via email
  • Ensure that premium payments are made online
  • We will prioritize all monetary transactions, such as loans, withdrawals, Fund Transfers and Banking related inquiries
  • All other inquiries will be prioritized to the best of our abilities

Single Premium Annuities

Contact us via email at
  • Requests to be sent via email including new applications
  • Funds will need to be sent electronically. Please contact us on a case by case basis
  • Settle documentation
  • Any changes and inquiries


Contact us via email at
  • Requests to be sent via email
  • To Start a Claim Click here
  • Have your clients/beneficiaries prepared to provide with Direct Deposit Details (not available to Estates)
  • Remind our clients/beneficiaries to provide us with their email address

Contracting & Compensation

Contact us via email at:

Travel insurance support

Important Notice: On March 13, 2020, the Canadian Government issued a Global Travel Advisory for Canadians to avoid all non-essential travel outside of Canada in order to limit the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). This summary of important information addresses questions related to the government’s travel advisory.
Please visit the Government of Canada website for more information:
The safety and well-being of you and your family is of the utmost importance to us. Given high call volumes during this time, we are waiving the necessity to notify us within 48-hours of your claim incident.
Please see our travel insurance support page for additional details on how to reach us.
We trust you find these guidelines and practices helpful. We will continue to review them as often as necessary to ensure they are responsive to the situation. On behalf of everyone at BMO Insurance, please continue to take care of yourself and thank you for your patience as we respond to these challenging times.