Life Events

Planning a secure financial future for your clients does not have to be complicated. It can start with a simple assessment of their current situations, which can then lead into solutions that will help them reach their personal objectives.

This section guides you through important information that can help you create personalized plans for your clients. Begin by looking at what is happening in their lives. Once you have this understanding, you can look to BMO Insurance for the appropriate tools, products and services that will help you customize plans for your clients.

What is happening in your clients’ lives?

Starting Out
Your clients are young adults. What is currently important to them is to establish credit, start a savings plan, build their career and secure their financial future.

Living as a Couple
Your clients have made a commitment to each other and would like a financial plan that insures their financial security, in case of the unexpected.

Buying a Home
Your clients have just made the biggest financial commitment of their lives and wants to be sure that you protect their investment for the long term.

Having Children
Your clients’ family is growing. What is important to them is making sure that their children are cared for, especially if something happens to them.

Being Single Again
Your clients have just gone through a big change in their lives and are single again. What is important to them now is making sense of their options and getting their finances in order.

Owning a Business
As a business owner, your clients are faced with many challenges. They are interested in minimizing their tax bill, protecting the value of their business and finding cost effective benefits for their staff.

Planning Retirement
Your clients are starting to think about retirement and building their nest egg. They would like to be sure that they have enough money so that they can retire comfortably.

Preserving an Estate
Your clients have accumulated wealth and are living comfortably. They are now thinking about passing on their wealth to their heirs in the most tax-efficient manner.