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BMO Wealth Institute

The BMO Wealth Institute provides insights and strategies around wealth planning and financial decisions to better prepare you for a confident financial future. BMO's team of wealth planning professionals have deep expertise around all aspects of wealth planning including retirement, estate, tax and insurance. Email the Institute with your questions and comments.

Featured Resources

September 2015

Special Report:

Household debt in Canada – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Interest rates in Canada have been deliberately kept low in an effort to support the economy and stimulate spending. True to their nature, Canadians have complied in droves and have embraced credit at unprecedented rates. Fortunately, it seems Canadians are beginning to reduce the amount of debt that negatively affects their personal financial situation and replace these so-called bad debts with debts that strengthen their financial position.

August 2015


As you approach the age of wisdom, who will catch you if you fall?

As the population of Canada ages, the demands placed on the health care system and the need for long-term care options continue to rise. The question of whether Canadians have adequately prepared for their future health and long-term care needs will be answered in the coming years as a wave of baby boomers retire.

July 2015


Insuring for a financially secure future

Life has a way of throwing curveballs. Unforeseen events often place a tremendous amount of financial stress on affected individuals, and on their families, too. But are Canadians well prepared for the unexpected? This report delves into appropriate types of insurance coverage for every stage of life. It also dispels some of the common misconceptions preventing Canadians, young and old, from purchasing adequate insurance and offers advice on how to ensure peace of mind throughout life's precarious journey.

March 2015


Women in Wealth: A financial golden age has arrived

Women have made incredible strides, both professionally and personally, in the last half-century. They are better educated, have greater responsibility in the corporate world and are leaders in many professions. Despite the professional and financial successes that women in the workplace have earned in recent generations, they are still facing personal issues and unresolved challenges.

February 2015


Therapeutic Substitution: Provincial government changes reformulate the pharmacy business

In Canada, the world of pharmacy is rapidly changing, requiring pharmacy owners and practitioners to evolve and adapt their practice to service the ever-growing healthcare needs of Canadians. And while Canada's broader pharmacy community has stepped up to provide solutions that will improve patient care and unlock cost savings for our healthcare system, the delivery of pharmacy services and the scope of services offered will pose challenges for pharmacy owners on all fronts: personally, financially, and entrepreneurially. The following conversation between two pharmacists illustrates a typical scenario that may play out for a pharmacy owner.

February 2015

Special Report:

Retirement planning: how do your retirement plans measure up?

With a better understanding of the current retirement landscape – including the lessons learned from what recent retirees did and didn't do upon retiring – those who are near retirement should be able to prepare prudently for their future. This report identifies how Canadians are managing retirement planning, by understanding how they were thinking and feeling before and after the 2008 financial crisis, and then most recently about their retirement plans.

October 2014


Entrepreneurs: Definitely not your ordinary business owner

Entrepreneurs will start with an idea; they will nurture and grow that idea into a viable business. While there will be stresses and successes along the way, their business will thrive with careful planning and strategic partnerships. They will surround themselves with people who can help them grow the business and transition from it to secure their future and the well-being of their family.

October 2014

Special Report:

Finding the path to financial prosperity for newcomers to Canada

Many immigrants come to Canada seeking a better life for themselves, their children and extended members of their families. Many have found that their own hard work has set the foundation from which their children are able to build even greater success. Some of the traits that help to make immigrants to Canada successful in achieving their goals are their ambition, perseverance and ability to overcome challenges.

July 2014


Living to 100: The four keys to longevity

By 2061, it is estimated that there will be more than 78 thousand centenarians living in Canada. This is a huge increase from about six thousand reported in the 2011 Census. In the U.S., more than 1 million centenarians by 2050 are expected. For most people, planning for retirement or their later years is focused mostly on finances and how they will spend their time. However, ensuring they spend those years in good health is something that many overlook. The times are certainly changing, with medical advances and technological breakthroughs, planning for retirement and living longer needs to be more holistic.

June 2014

Special Report:

Taking the rights and opportunities you have now more seriously

Anyone planning their financial future and setting their financial and estate planning goals has a lot to consider. Members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ) community may face additional challenges that make careful planning even more important.

May 2014

Special Report:

Sandwich Generation

With life expectancy in Canada increasing, seniors are living longer, and at the same time many couples are having children later. This combination of factors is making life challenging – and costly – for those caught in the Sandwich Generation.

April 2014


Rethinking Disability – Planning for Financial Well-Being

A disability can affect a family in so many ways: physically, emotionally and financially. Dealing with these pressures can put added stress on the financial well-being of an individual, their family and their caregivers. With the incidence of disability rising as our population ages, disability should be a concern and a shared responsibility for all.

March 2014

Special Report:

Mind Games: What behavioural finance can teach you about investing

When it comes to investing, rational choices don't always apply. What investors know, and what they actually do are often very different.

January 2014


Wealth Generation: The Financial Challenges for Generations X & Y

Members of generations X & Y have financial priorities that include home ownership, funding post-secondary education and saving and investing for retirement. Achieving these goals requires a different approach to developing and implementing a financial plan that resonates with generations X & Y.

Special Report:

Enhancing Retirement Planning with ETFs

A financial plan is essential to retirement planning, but there are still many challenges when executing a plan. Exchange traded funds offer features that can address a number of these challenges. This report looks at key considerations in implementing a financial plan and how investment products like ETFs can help investors get to their goal faster or have their money last longer.

October 2013


Are your Business and Personal Finances on Solid Ground?

This report focuses on opportunities and ideas to better integrate a business owner’s personal goals with the needs of their business as they journey though the stages of the business life cycle and their own personal life cycle.

July 2013


What are you leaving behind? Family conflict or a memorable legacy!

This report introduces the enhanced estate planning approach and reviews the essential components of an estate plan.

May 2013


The biggest life events that can derail your financial plan

The financial impacts of an unexpected major life event can be catastrophic and derail your financial plan. This report explores ways that families can prepare and plan for potential risks and create a more secure financial position.

March 2013

Education Savings Strategies

Student tuition and debt on the rise: RESPs and beyond

Post-secondary costs have been increasing steadily over the past decade. This report explores the strategies available to create a customized education savings plan that include options beyond RESP.

October 2012

Retirement Institute Report

Home sweet home or retirement nest egg

Many Canadians are not confident that they will save enough for retirement; as a result, they may plan to use the sale of their home to help fund it. This report examines the relationship between their readiness for retirement and the challenges home ownership may pose on boomers retirement.

August 2012

Retirement strategies:

What are your options in volatile markets?

Whether you are already in, or close to retirement, the current market downturn has given some of us for concern, especially when it comes to retirement plans. Learn how to make sense of your retirement and investment options during these uncertain economic times.

July 2012


Broadening the approach to preparing for retirement

This report explores the attitudes and behaviours (in both boomers and the younger generations) towards the involvement in the retirement planning process and the degree to which these non-financial aspects impact an individual's preparedness for retirement.

April 2012


Estate planning in the 21st century: New considerations in a changing society

While the basics of estate planning have been the same for centuries, the traditional approach needs to be broadened to reflect new realities. This report takes a closer look at three trends and suggests way in which individuals can adapt their estate plans to reflect these developments.

January 2012


Perfecting the workplace pension: the quest continues

Workplace pensions are shifting from Defined Benefit to Defined Contribution plans, providing contributors more flexibility and control. However, there are key behaviours that keep many contributors from maximizing the effectiveness of their workplace pension. This report from the BMO Retirement Institute examines those behaviours and provides valuable advice on getting the most from your workplace pension.

October 2011


Mind your taxes in retirement

Achieving tax-efficiency in retirement requires a long-term vision, and goes beyond simply saving for retirement. This report outlines BMO Retirement Institute's recommendations for achieving greater tax efficiency, resulting in better after-tax income and a better lifestyle.

October 2011

Special Report:

Where do Canadians plan to retire, and why?

This Special Report explains that, while Canadians often talk about a change of scenery during retirement, the reality is very different. In fact, Canadians prefer to stay close to home.

July 2011


Financial Decision-making: Who Will Manage Your Money When You Can't?

As we age, our health can pose many risks to our retirement plans. This report outlines BMO Retirement Institute's recommendations for delegating financial affairs in cautious preparation for a possible decline in cognitive abilities.

April 2011

Divergent paths to retirement:

How men and women plan differently

Despite being less financially prepared for retirement, women are more likely to enjoy their retirement than men. This report explores the behavioural differences exhibited by women and men and how it impacts their efforts to plan for and live in retirement.

February 2011

Retirement Income Planning:

Can we have our cake and eat it too?

There is no perfect formula to retirement income planning. This report, identifies what Canadians believe are important elements of a retirement income plan and examines why it will be difficult for most to attain all of these elements without making sacrifices.

October 2010

Retirement planning:

When to retire: Age matters

When you retire may mean the difference between having a retirement nest egg that is more than enough, or running out of money. This report explores the impact that different retirement ages will have on pensions and personal savings.

July 2010

Retirement planning:

Can I get back to you on that?

While Canadians know that saving for retirement is important, many tend to procrastinate. This report explores the psychological disconnect preventing Canadians from effective retirement planning.

April 2010


Proposals to improve the flexibility of RRSPs & RRIFs

Recently, the Federal Government has been reviewing the adequacy of Canada's pension regime. This report outlines BMO Retirement Institute's recommendations which would provide additional flexibility to RRSPs and RRIFs.

February 2010

Special Report:

Saving for Retirement: One size does not fit all.

When it comes to retirement savings, theories and assumptions abound. This special report examines six common theories that could change your retirement planning and highlights what you need to consider when determining how much you will need to save for retirement.

November 2009

The evolution of giving:

From charity to philanthropy

Charitable giving has become increasingly strategic in nature, but few plan in advance or consult a financial advisor when it comes to gift planning. This report examines boomers' views on giving and discusses the importance of planning to maximize on donations.

October 2009

Retirement strategies:

Small business ownership

Half of Canadian small business owners are planning to retire in the next ten years and retirement often means closing down. This report examines factors that will reduce the number of closures upon retirement and discusses the importance of succession planning.

July 2009

Leaving an inheritance:

What will future inheritances look like?

An enormous transfer of wealth from seniors to Boomers will occur over the next few decades. Explore the inheritance and estate planning issues that are specific to Boomers who are either expecting to receive an inheritance and/or considering leaving a legacy.

June 2009

Your health:

Understanding and managing stress

What is stress? How can you manage it? Tina Di Vito, Director of BMO Retirement Institute, and Dr. Michael Baker, Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto and member of the BMO Advisory Council on Retirement, explore stress and its potential impact.

April 2009

Working longer:

Should Boomers retire later due to market uncertainty?

Boomers used to think that their decision to work longer had more to do with self-fulfillment than financial preservation. But with the recent market uncertainty, some Boomers are now opting to retire later to maintain a steady income stream. Explore your options.

January 2009

Single in retirement:

What retirement challenges do single Boomers face?

Whether by divorce, death, or never marrying in the first place, the odds of being single at some point during retirement are high. Being single in retirement presents a unique set of financial, emotional and planning challenges for Boomers.

July 2008


Exploring the costs and benefits of caregiving

Many Boomers are thrown into the role of a caregiver unexpectedly. Get a better understanding of the important considerations, cost realities, and hidden benefits of caregiving that Boomers may face.

April 2008

Retirement strategies:

Assuming more responsibility for your retirement

With longer life expectancies and fewer employer-defined benefit pension plans, Boomers will have to shoulder more personal responsibility for managing their finances in retirement than previous generations. Learn about various income strategies and investment products.

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