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Well Woman

Get paid up to $50,000 in CASH. The Well Woman insurance plan is designed to help ensure that women do not have to worry about the financial cost of fighting cancer so they can focus on recovery. This plan provides a cash payout on diagnosis of one of seven female cancers, as well a cash payment each month for 12 months and cash for hospital stays or surgery. Cash benefits are paid directly to you to use any way you choose.

For more information about the Well Woman insurance plan, call 1-800-587-4817. A woman will be there to help answer your questions.

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Cash when you need it. Cash if you don’t.

With Well Woman, you receive tax-free cash benefits if you’re ever diagnosed with cancer of the breasts, fallopian tubes, cervix, ovaries, uterus, vagina or vulva. You must survive for a period of 30 days following the date of diagnosis. Plus, if you never make a claim, we will return EVERY CENT you paid. If you never get a female cancer, we refund all your premium payments after 20 years or when you turn 70 (whichever comes first). Protect yourself with an innovative plan that pays cash to you either way. Just choose the coverage level – Enhanced or Basic – that works best for you!

Cash BenefitsTwo Levels of Coverage
Enhanced PlanBasic Plan
Receive a cash payment on the diagnosis of a covered female cancer$12,000$6,000
Receive monthly cash payments on the diagnosis of a covered female cancer $12,000
($1000/month for 12 months or until death, if earlier)
($500/month for 12 months or until death, if earlier)
Receive cash for each day you spend in the hospital within two years of diagnosis $200 a day for up to 100 days
Up to $20,000
$100 a day for up to 100 days
Up to $10,000
Receive a cash payment if you need surgery related to your diagnosis within two years of diagnosis$6,000$3,000
Total cash benefits:Up to $50,000Up to $25,000

Get more than you expect with Well Woman

  • Cash benefits are paid directly to you. You can use the cash benefits any way you choose – find the best treatments, replace lost income if you can’t work or cover your expenses (like home care, your mortgage or child care costs). All cash benefits are 100% tax-free under current legislation.
  • Access the Best Doctors® program. Confirm your diagnosis and treatment plan with leading global specialists through the Best Doctors program. This benefit covers a broad range of illnesses including any type of cancer, heart surgery, kidney failure, major organ transplant, paralysis, stroke and more. Your family can also take advantage of the Best Doctors service1 — all at no additional cost to you.
  • Get coverage from the day we receive your completed application, before your first premium is even due.
  • 30-day free look — cancel any time within the first 30 days with no further obligation.
1Once every three years.
® Registered trademark of Best Doctors, Inc., used under license

Guaranteed acceptance

  • You are guaranteed acceptance for Well Woman if you
    • are a female Canadian resident between the ages of 18 and 55,
    • can provide a signed declaration of health. The declaration must confirm that you were never diagnosed with cancer and that you’ve never been declined female cancer insurance coverage for reasons other than family history.
  • Your acceptance is guaranteed even if you have a family history of cancer.
  • No medical exam — you don’t have to see a doctor or answer any health questions to enrol.
  • This coverage is for individuals only. One policy per person.

Coverage for seven female cancers

Well Woman insurance covers seven female cancers including: cancer of the breasts, fallopian tubes, cervix, ovaries, uterus, vagina or vulva. Your benefits become payable if you’re diagnosed with a covered cancer by a licenced physician in Canada, the U.S. or other approved country, as long as you survive at least 30 days after the diagnosis. And you remain covered until age 70.

Still healthy? Get your money back

If you don’t need to make a claim, we will refund all of your premium payments after you have paid premiums for 20 years or when you turn 70 (whichever comes first). That’s a risk-free way to get the insurance you need, when you need it.

What’s not covered

All insurance products have some limitations and exclusions you should understand in advance. In this case, you will not receive benefits if:

  • you were previously diagnosed with cancer
  • you are diagnosed with a covered female cancer within the first six months of your policy’s start date2
  • you have any signs, symptoms, medical consultations or tests, up to six months before or six months after your policy becomes effective, if they later lead to a diagnosis of a covered female cancer2
  • you contract cancer of the cervix and you had an abnormal cervical smear or PAP test result within two years before your policy becomes effective (although you’ll be covered after that time as long as you receive normal test results for two years in a row)2
  • you have in situ cancer, which is cancer that doesn’t spread to neighbouring tissue
  • you don’t follow relevant medical advice you receive either before, or within six months after, your policy becomes effective2
  • you give false, incorrect or incomplete information needed to assess if you’re eligible for this insurance coverage

Also, the Surgery Benefit isn’t payable for diagnostic surgery (including biopsy or aspiration) or if your hospital stay is shorter than 24 hours, unless the surgery is for a lumpectomy, mastectomy or breast reconstruction.

Keep in mind that this information is only a summary. Actual terms, exclusions and limitations are explained in the policy that will be issued to you. You can always sign up for a 30-day free look to see full details in the terms and conditions of your Well Woman insurance policy. Please review carefully upon receipt.

2 If your claim is denied in this case, you’ll receive a full refund of your premiums.

Choose the plan that meets your needs

Once you sign up for Well Woman, your monthly premium will not increase due to age. Although we may change the premium for all or selected classes of policyholders, you will never be singled out for a premium increase.

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