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Guaranteed Hospital Cash

Illnesses and accidents can happen at any time and without warning. If you’re hospitalized, you could be faced with unexpected costs not covered by your provincial health plan. Ambulances, semi-private rooms, many medications and follow-up care can cost more than you expect. With Guaranteed Hospital Cash, you get a cash payment for every day you’re in the hospital – across Canada, the U.S., Mexico and even the Caribbean.

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A lifetime of protection

The Guaranteed Hospital Cash plan pays you CASH for every day you are hospitalized following an accident or an illness. You could get $25, $50 or even $100 a day – up to $36,500 per hospitalization. Your acceptance is guaranteed – you don’t have to have a medical or answer any health questions to enrol in this plan. Consider these features:

  • you’re covered from the first full day you stay in the hospital and for up to one full year for each hospitalization
  • you can make claims for every time you stay in the hospital throughout your life, to a lifetime maximum of $50,000
  • you don’t have to submit receipts or prove expenses
  • you’re covered anywhere in North America, including Mexico and the Caribbean

After a 30-day stay, we pay your premiums

If you're in the hospital for more than 30 days in a row, we pay your premiums for as long as we are paying you a Guaranteed Hospital Cash Benefit.

Get more than you expect with Guaranteed Hospital Cash

  • CASH benefits are paid directly to you. You can use the money however you choose — pay for out-of-pocket expenses like ambulances and semi-private rooms; cover extra family expenses like child or pet care, take-out meals and house cleaning; or cover post-discharge expenses like physiotherapy, chiropractors, medicine or medical supplies. It’s entirely up to you.
  • Get confidential around-the-clock guidance and advice through the Helping Hands® program. At any time while your Guaranteed Hospital Cash plan is in force, you and your family will have access to referrals to home care, child care and elder care services; online health resources; and services to help you improve your nutrition or stop smoking. The Helping Hands program is included with your plan at no additional cost to you.
  • Get immediate protection — you’re covered as soon as we get your completed application, even before you pay your first premium.
  • 30-day free look — cancel any time within the first 30 days with no further obligation.

BMO Life Assurance Company is in no way liable for the provision of Helping Hands services, nor liable for the nature of quality of the services provided by Shepell FGI L.P. BMO Life Assurance Company reserves the right to change the service provider or change the nature of the services at any time without notice.

® Helping Hands services provided by Shepell●fgi L.P.

Guaranteed acceptance

If you’re between 18 and 80 years old and a resident of Canada, you’re guaranteed acceptance for Guaranteed Hospital Cash, without a medical exam or any health questions. Plus, you get full benefits even if you’re covered by another health insurance plan. This coverage is for individuals only. One policy per person.

From 24 hours to 365 days

Depending on the coverage level you choose, Guaranteed Hospital Cash pays you $25, $50 or $100 for every day you stay in the hospital, anywhere in North America, including Mexico and the Caribbean. Your cash benefit becomes payable for any stay over 24 hours for up to 365 days per hospitalization, whether you are hospitalized due to an accident or an illness There is no limit to the number of hospital stays (multiple hospitalizations for the same illness or accident that occur within six months of the illness or accident will count as the same hospitalization).

Protection for life

You can collect your benefit for any hospital stay throughout your life, to a lifetime maximum of $50,000, as long as you keep paying your premiums. The daily cash benefit is reduced by 50% when you reach age 85.

What’s not covered

All insurance products have some limitations and exclusions you should understand in advance. For instance, this insurance product will not cover you for a pre-existing injury or illness, until you go one full year without treatment or advice for that condition. You have a pre-existing condition if you received treatment or advice for that condition in the 12 months before your policy starts.

You also will not receive benefits for any injury or illness caused by or resulting from:

  • an injury or illness you had before your policy became effective
  • a self-inflicted injury
  • war or participation in active duty in the armed forces
  • committing a criminal offence
  • the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • air travel as a pilot or crew member, if you are not a fare-paying passenger
  • normal pregnancy or childbirth
  • elective cosmetic surgery
  • a mental or emotional disorder
  • a diabetic or insulin-dependent condition
  • epileptic seizure, delirium, depression or psychosomatic disorders

Also, you may not receive benefits if you give false, incorrect or incomplete information needed to assess if you’re eligible for this insurance coverage.

Keep in mind that this information is only a summary. Actual terms, exclusions and limitations are explained in the policy that will be issued to you. You can always sign up for a 30-day free look to see full details in the terms and conditions of your Guranteed Hospital Cash insurance policy. Please review carefully upon receipt.

Choose the plan that meets your needs

Your monthly payment depends on your age and the level of coverage you choose. However, once you sign up for Guaranteed Hospital Cash, your monthly premium will not increase due to age. Although we may change the premium for all or selected classes of insureds, you will never be singled out for a premium increase.

And remember – if you’re in the hospital for more than 30 days in a row, we pay your premiums for as long as we are paying you a Hospital Cash Benefit.

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