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Specialized services for executives and other professionals

Life can get complicated when your personal and professional affairs overlap. The specialists at BMO Private Bank understand the unique needs business professionals face, from concentrated stock positions, stock options and controlled stock to special borrowing needs. Whether you are a business executive or professional practitioner, the wealth advisors at BMO Private Bank can help you organize your finances and align your business objectives with your personal goals.

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  2. Investment
  3. Wealth and
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The intelligent use of credit is essential to building and managing your wealth. Your Private Bank team can arrange financing on terms tailored to your particular requirements, including:
  • Construction loans
  • Customized personal loans and lines of credit
  • Personal loans, lines of credit and letters of credit
No matter how complex your investment portfolio, you’ll find sophisticated solutions at BMO Private Bank, including:
  • Custom investment management
  • Managed investment programs
  • Short-term asset management
Ongoing financial planning and investment advice form the foundation of our enduring client relationships. We offer specialized advice in:
  • Portfolio and cash flow analysis
  • Tax planning
  • Retirement and estate planning1
  • Risk management
1Estate planning requires legal assistance, which Harris does not provide. Consult your personal counsel.
Our personal trust specialists work with your other advisors to help you provide for your family’s long-term security through:
  • Living and testamentary trusts
  • Probate administration
  • Guardianships and custodianships
Featured Case Study: Significant Stock Concentration

Increasing stability without sacrifice

Andrew, age 49
CEO of a Fortune 1000 company
Personal net worth: $11 million

I have an enormous amount of faith in my company. We make great products; we are growing at 15–20% per year; and our financial outlook is quite positive. That’s why I’m so heavily invested in my company’s stock.

I am aware that putting all my eggs in one basket—even one I watch very closely—is a risk. One bad quarter could rock my financial boat significantly, and interfere with many other aspects of my life. So, two years ago, I asked the experts at BMO Private Bank for help. I wanted to safeguard myself without sacrificing the huge upside potential that I am determined to deliver to my company’s shareholders.

It turns out that one of their specialties is managing significant stock concentrations. The wealth advisor I met with suggested that we adjust other elements of my portfolio to complement my long-term exposure to the risk inherent in having such a concentrated stock position. And a representative from their Capital Markets Group offered some fantastic suggestions on diversification and hedging tools. In no time, my confidence in BMO grew so strong that I delegated all the day-to-day decision making to my BMO Private Bank portfolio manager. It was a very good move. Her full-time attention and total familiarity with the technical aspects of my situation helped me avoid some problems that I may not have discovered on my own.

Working with BMO has dramatically improved my ability to focus on my job and relax about my financial stability. And I didn’t have to sell a single share of my company in the process. For me, that is what really counts.

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