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Private Banking for everyday needs and custom requests

When you need more than turnkey banking services, BMO Private Bank offers personalized private banking—a relationship with a reliable, responsive professional dedicated to understanding your needs and pursuing optimal solutions to meet your goals. Our private bankers are highly skilled, creative problem solvers, willing to explore a number of avenues to develop the best solution for you—no matter how challenging your situation. From managing everyday banking to creating customized credit solutions, our private bankers will help you reclaim your most precious asset—time—for the things you value most in life.

Deposit services

Optimize your banking experience with deposit services best suited to your needs, including checking accounts, money market accounts and certificates of deposit. You can even separate cash balances for everyday expenses from larger cash reserves without sacrificing premium rates. Backed by the strength and resources of BMO Financial Group , BMO Private Bank is a financially sound, trusted advocate you can rely on.

Credit services

The strategic use of credit can be a powerful tool in building and managing your wealth. Whether you need operating capital for your business, financing for a significant purchase or to make an investment, or simply want a line of credit in place, BMO Private Bank may be able to provide a loan secured by your existing portfolio—or even by other assets, both traditional and non-traditional. Some of these solutions include:

  • Mortgage loans
  • Home equity lines of credit
  • Construction loans
  • Customized personal loans and lines of credit
  • Letters of credit
  • Investment loans and lines of credit
  • Stock option financing
  • Capital contribution financing
Featured Case Study: Financing a Golden Opportunity

Financing a Golden Opportunity

Kathleen, age 57
Manager of a private equity fund
Personal net worth: $8 million

In 2006, a colleague came to me with a very attractive business investment opportunity that I did not want to pass up. Unfortunately, the timing was awful. I really just couldn’t free up the $3 million equity requirement right then and there.

As you might imagine, someone in my line of work knows a lot of people in the banking industry. So why did I choose BMO Private Bank for this particular deal? Two reasons: First, my private banker offered a loan structure and terms that made the most sense for my particular circumstances. Second, BMO allowed me to borrow against blended collateral that included some non-traditional components. That is exactly the kind of responsiveness, expertise and flexibility I look for in any business relationship.

My private banker at BMO understood my situation immediately and acted quickly to move things forward. First, he gave me a letter of credit to use as a deposit in lieu of cash. Then he put together a set of customized loans for the $3 million I needed, secured by a rapidly appreciating asset I had—one I hadn’t even considered until my private banker suggested it.

I am happy to report that the business opportunity turned out to be an even bigger success than my colleague thought it would be. And I am enormously pleased that the experts at BMO Private Bank had the creativity, experience and foresight I needed to get in on that opportunity.

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