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Wealth Insights

Volume 2, Issue 1
Focusing on Transfer of Wealth

Over the next decade, $1.1 trillion in wealth will change hands during the largest 10-year wealth transfer in Canadian history. We’re not only seeing a shift in the ownership of funds, but the process for transferring wealth is also evolving as money moves from one generation to the next. Navigating this can be difficult and will require families to communicate and plan together to prepare heirs for their future inheritance. There is a tremendous opportunity for individuals or families to think more proactively about legacy and estate planning for future generations.

Wealth Connects the Generations

This magazine focuses on issues that impact the successful transfer of wealth from generation to generation.

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Volume 1, Issues 1 and 2
Focusing on Business Owners

Business owners invest so much into their businesses – emotionally, physically, and financially. With so much at stake, it is important that the business is set up to succeed. This two-part series focuses on key considerations that relate with the life cycle of the business and its owner. The magazines highlight several topics, strategies, and solutions for the owner to consider when balancing personal wealth management with the needs of their business ventures.

Key considerations for business owners

Issue 1 focuses primarily on topics for the business owner’s consideration to help achieve their personal and business goals.

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Issue 1

Key considerations for your business

Issue 2 focuses mainly on topics that relate to the business itself to help the owner ensure that the business can adapt to change and continue building towards sustainable success.

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Issue 2

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