BMO LifeStage Plus 2025 Fund How to buy
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Fund Facts
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Who Should Buy This Fund?

Consider this fund if:
  • you’re seeking preservation of capital by staying invested until the fund’s Target End Date and the potential for capital appreciation over a set period of time
  • you’re comfortable with low to medium investment risk and plan to stay invested in the fund until the fund’s Target End Date
  • you’re comfortable with medium investment risk if your investment is redeemed prior to the Target End Date.

Investment Objectives and Strategies

To provide the opportunity for capital appreciation during the term of the fund by investing in mutual funds, fixed income securities and cash equivalents. The percentage allocated to each of these asset classes will be determined by the fund’s asset allocation strategy.

For those units that are held to the Target End Date of June 30, 2025, the fund intends to pay an amount per unit equal to the greater of the following two values (the "Guaranteed Maturity Amount"):

(i) $10.00 (the net asset value per unit on the start date of the fund), or

(ii) the highest net asset value per unit during the period from the start date of the fund up to and including the Target End Date.