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Community Giving

At BMO, we have a proud 200 year legacy of making tomorrow better.

The BMO Community Giving philosophy is anchored in this rich history of success. With a focus on collaboration, learning, and innovation, we work with our community partners to achieve sustainable solutions and shape the future together.

Balancing Constancy and Change

Our commitment to act responsibly and think about the broader impact of everything we do is aligned with our sustainability principles and our values. Our core values of integrity, empathy, diversity and responsibility, as well as our guiding principles around social change, financial resilience, community building and economic impact, are integral aspects of the way we work with our community partners to develop forward-thinking solutions that benefit society as a whole.

Building Resilience

The BMO Community Giving strategy is about continuous learning and understanding the broader impact of everything we do. We take a deep sense of pride in our responsibility and ensure that we, and our community partners, are agile and well-prepared to address any opportunities and challenges that the future holds.

Accelerating Social Progress

As part of an ongoing renewal process to integrate new knowledge, amplify impact and accelerate social change, we are continuously reengineering our activities, processes and relationships to work more strategically along specific criteria, setting new targets and embarking on new areas of emphasis, as well as discontinuing projects that have run their course.

The following three specific criteria will inform BMO Community Giving decision-making, guiding and influencing how we build capacity, select and work with our community partners, and measure performance:

Collaboration: We believe that corporate social responsibility is about human connection and is a journey best travelled in partnership with our community partners. As one of North America’s leading companies, we understand that the economic, social and environmental choices we make impacts the communities we serve. Through the sharing and pooling of information, data, resources, lessons learned and promising practices, far more can be achieved than everyone working in isolation. We seek out opportunities to facilitate collaboration amongst unlikely partners, across all sectors, disciplines and geographic boundaries.

Learning: Making progress on important social issues requires continuous learning and knowledge sharing — from setbacks as well as successes — and the timely use of insights to inform and adapt strategy. We look to capture the right data, at the right time, which enables us to make smarter decisions and affect more meaningful and sustainable social change.

Innovation: Staying true to our values and principles, we leave room to explore spaces within our portfolios and new digital spaces to support promising new ideas and approaches, supporting ingenuity and independent thinking. We seek to collaborate with organizations that see opportunity within difficult situations and challenge the status quo; those with passion and bold ideas who seek to deliver new and sustainable solutions to ever-evolving challenges and seeding transformational change. 

How to apply for a donation in Canada

How to apply for a donation in the U.S.

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