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Philanthropic Services

If you are like many affluent Canadians, your definition of success includes using your wealth to make the world a better place. You want to give back to the community – whether it's in your own backyard, or in a village halfway around the world.

Our Philanthropic Services professionals will help you make charitable donations that get at the root causes of problems so that your giving will have a lasting impact. You receive the support of a team that is a national leader in the charitable giving sector.

What are Philanthropic Services?

Philanthropic Services is a unique service to BMO Private Banking offered by Bank of Montreal. Our philanthropic specialists will work with professionals from BMO Private Banking to ensure you receive comprehensive counselling, banking and investment management services that support your philanthropic goals, as well as your overall financial plan.

Our job is to make sure that:

  • you maximize the impact of your giving
  • your giving reflects your values and interests in the charitable sector
  • your giving objectives are supported with creativity and ingenuity
  • you reap the fulfillment that comes with effective philanthropy

The team approach of Philanthropic Services draws on a variety of experts from within BMO Private Banking, as well as other specialists from throughout BMO Wealth Management when they are needed.

Who uses Philanthropic Services?

We work with individuals and families who:

  • want to establish their own foundation
  • need assistance in running their existing foundations
  • want to establish a fund at their local community foundation
  • need help in structuring a significant gift to their favourite charity
Is philanthropy for you?

Philanthropic Services can help you accomplish some or all of these goals:

  • leave a legacy in your community and your family
  • create a family mission statement
  • involve family members in philanthropy, thereby enhancing family relations
  • use capital from the sale of your business or a recent inheritance to support a community project or a specific cause
  • transition your existing family foundation from charitable giving to strategic philanthropy
  • organize and focus your charitable giving to increase its impact
  • find the most tax-efficient way of supporting your favourite causes
  • use family philanthropy to pass on values and prepare
  • children/grandchildren to be good stewards of the family's wealth
What is the difference between charity and philanthropy?

Charitable giving provides relief for a specific situation – for example, aiding the survivors of a natural disaster, or donating to a Christmas toy drive.

Philanthropy provides you with an opportunity to target problems and help achieve breakthrough solutions.

Strategic philanthropy is an innovative process that involves the donor – it goes beyond just writing a cheque. In order to fulfill its immense potential to do good, strategic philanthropy requires a number of components:

  • long-term vision
  • defined core mission
  • knowledge about the relevant issues
  • diligent monitoring and assessment
Three ways to give – choose one that suits you best

When you decide to engage in philanthropy, three main options are open to you:

  1. setting up a private foundation
  2. contributing to a community foundation
  3. giving directly to your favourite charity
Planned Giving

When you give a significant gift directly to your favourite charity based on forethought about the benefits to the charity and maximizing tax and other financial benefits to the donor, it is called a "planned gift." Giving can take the form of cash, appreciated stocks, life insurance, works of art, ecologically significant land, or other assets, and can be made in the donor's lifetime or upon death.

However you choose to give, BMO Private Banking's philanthropy experts can help ensure that it is an effective and satisfying experience.

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