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Prospectuses, Financial Reports & Other Important Information

BMO Private Portfolios

Fund Facts

The Fund Facts documents highlight key information about each BMO Private Portfolio, including holdings, performance history, and investor suitability.

BMO Private Portfolios Simplified Prospectus

The simplified prospectus and its amendment contain selected important information about the BMO Private Portfolios.

Annual Information Form

This annual information form and its amendment contain important information about the BMO Private Portfolios and are designed to supplement the information presented in the Portfolios' simplified prospectus and its amendment.

Management Report of Fund Performance

The Management Report of Fund Performance (MRFP) is a disclosure document that supplements the BMO Private Portfolio's annual and semi-annual financial statements. This report is released twice each year and provides an overview of the position and financial results of the Portfolio for the relevant period, including:

  • Information about the performance of the Portfolio, including factors that had a material effect on Portfolio performance or investment activities;
  • Summary of the Portfolio's investments;
  • Key financial statistics and performance measures.

Annual MRFP December 2014

Semi-Annual MRFP 2014

BMO Private Portfolios Financial Statements

Annual 2014

The December 31, 2014 Annual Financial Statements include details of the investment portfolios and financial statements for the Portfolios as at December 31, 2014.

Semi-Annual 2014

2014 Semi-Annual Financial Statements include details of the investment portfolios and financial statements for the Portfolios.

Quarterly Portfolio Disclosure
Proxy Voting
Other Important Information
Structured Products Information Statements

BMO Mutual Funds Series O

Series O Fund Facts
BMO Mutual Funds – Simplified Prospectuses
BMO Mutual Funds – Annual Information Forms
BMO Mutual Funds – Management Reports of Fund Performance
BMO Mutual Funds – Financial Statements
BMO Mutual Funds – Quarterly Portfolio Disclosure

For other legal and regulatory documents related to the BMO Mutual Funds (such as Proxy Records and Proxy Voting Policy), please click on the BMO Mutual Funds Legal and Regulatory page link.