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Supplier Registration

BMO Financial Group supports an environment of collaboration and innovation with our supplier community to ensure mutually beneficial relationships. We are interested in suppliers who will work with us to deliver products and services that are optimal in value, quality and performance as well as aligned with our corporate and social responsibility objectives and overall business strategy.

If your company would like to be considered a potential supplier to BMO Financial Group, you will need to register by completing an online profile. To register, you will require a valid business email address (not a personal email address) to be used as your user ID and the system will prompt you to create a password.

The minimum operating system requirements needed to access the online form are as follows: NT (SP6a), 2000 (SP4) or XP (SP3), Windows Vista or Windows 7. Your browser must be Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (SP2) and above or Mozilla Firefox 12 and above (note Mozilla Firefox will only work on Windows SP (SP3).

Please note that BMO Financial Group will only contact qualified suppliers when new sourcing activities are being considered.

Legal Disclaimer

Please do not submit to BMO Financial Group any confidential or personal information. You acknowledge and agree that BMO Financial Group may treat all information you submit as information that is publicly available.

By submitting information to BMO Financial Group, you acknowledge and agree that members of BMO Financial Group may collect, exchange, use, analyze and assess relevant information about your company and provide information on your products and services to BMO divisions, entities, affiliates, agents and subcontractors and conversely provide your company with information about the products and services available from BMO Financial Group.

Only suitable suppliers will be contacted when there is a new sourcing initiative or need. If required, qualified suppliers may receive a Request for Information to enhance our information on the supply market and current suppliers. Qualified suppliers may also receive a Request for Proposal to bid on a defined contract, product or service. BMO Financial Group reserves the right, in BMO Financial Group’s sole discretion, to select the supplier(s) that are most suited to its business requirements.

This submission/registration does not commit BMO Financial Group to any specific course of action. The collection of this information does not bind BMO Financial Group or any member of BMO Financial Group to correspond with you as a supplier, to include you or your submissions in any future proposals, in whole or in part, nor does it commit or bind any of the members of BMO Financial Group to provide any explanation or reason for its decision to accept or reject any submission or supplier. Moreover it does not commit or bind BMO Financial Group or any member of BMO Financial Group to purchase any good or service from such suppliers. Any costs associated with the submission of supplier information shall be borne solely by the Supplier.

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