Please read these Terms and Conditions and take note of the following:


Terms & Conditions - BMO InvestorLine 2016 Winter Campaign


The Promotion

The Promotion begins on Monday, January 4, 2016 at 12:00AM ET and ends on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 11:59PM ET (the "Promotion Period") and applies only to clients who open a new Qualifying Account or enrol an existing Qualifying Account (the "Promotion Account").


Qualifying Accounts Types (Self-Directed only)

BMO InvestorLine Cash or Margin (individual or joint) Corporate, Sole Proprietorship, RRSP and spousal RRSP.


For greater clarity, account types not listed here do not qualify for th-e Promotion, for example: Locked-in RRSP, RRIF, TFSA, and RESP.


Provided you qualify, you will receive the following Award, (the “Award”):


Promotion Code Net New Assets Award
WinterSD600 $100,000-$249,999 $1,200 IN CASH AND TRADES

100 free equity trades for 2 months
$200 cash back
$250,000+ 1,600 IN CASH AND TRADES

100 free equity trades for 2 months
$600 cash back


*Self-Directed Accounts: Your free equity trades are capped at 100.



How to Qualify

You must complete step A and B below to qualify for the Award.


  1. No later than March 1 2016, enter the promotion code WinterSD600 as follows:

Account Type being enrolled into Promo: Method of Entry
Enrolling a new non-Corporate account During account opening:

  • Enter promotion code WinterSD600 into the Online Application Form.


*to enrol a new Corporate account, call 1-888-776-6886

Enrolling an existing Qualifying Account At any time before March 1, 2016:

  • Access the Opt in page via the Promotional web banner on the home page of secure client site.




  1. Complete the transfer of the net new assets (the “Net New Assets”) into the Promotion Account by Thursday, March 31, 2016.


  1. Limit of one offer per client. In the case of a joint account, only the primary account holder will be entitled to receive the cash back Award.

  2. This offer cannot be combined with any other BMO InvestorLine promotional offer except the Refer a Friend Promotion.

  3. Net new assets are cash and securities sourced from a non-BMO Wealth Management account. The Promotion Account cannot be funded by transferring funds directly or indirectly from another investment account with BMO InvestorLine, BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc., BMO Private Investment Counsel Inc., or BMO Investments Inc. This will be tracked from the beginning of the Promotion Period (January 4, 2016) through to September 30, 2016 (the “Holding Period”).

  4. The cashback Award will be paid into the Promotion Account the week of October 10, 2016, provided the Net New Assets (including, for existing accounts, the account balance as of January 4, 2016) remains in the Promotion Account until at least September 30, 2016.

  5. Two month free equity trade commission period begins one business day after you:

    1. enter the Promotion code WinterSD600 into the online application at the time of account opening, or
    2. sign up for the Promotion using the Opt-in Page.
  6. The free equity trades are only eligible on your (Self-Directed) Promotion Account. Trades cannot be applied on any other account.

  7. You will receive a Credit (the “Credit”) for your qualifying free equity trades (on your Self-Directed account) the week of October 10, 2016. You will be credited the value of the trade commission for equity trades placed through the BMO InvestorLine website or mobile app. The Credit shall not exceed the $1,000.00 CDN.

  8. Deposits that are split across more than one account will not be considered for eligibility (e.g. $50K in RRSP plus $50K in a non-registered account).

  9. You may only have one (1) Promotion Account. If you open more than one Promotion Account using the same promotion code during the offer period, the following criteria will be used to select the Qualifying Account that will receive the Award, in descending priority:

    1. Cash Qualifying Accounts will be selected over registered or margin Qualifying Accounts
    2. The Qualifying Account with the most recent opening date will be selected; and
    3. If more than one Qualifying Account is opened on the same date, the Qualifying Account with the lower account number will be selected.
  10. You will not qualify for the Award if during the Holding Period withdrawals across any of your BMO InvestorLine accounts cause your Net New Assets to drop below the minimum threshold.

  11. You will continue to qualify for the Award if during the Holding Period market fluctuations cause your net new assets to fall below minimum threshold.

  12. The Promotion Account must be in good standing throughout the Holding Period in order to qualify for the Award. If during the Holding Period the Promotion Account has: (a) been in a debit position, (b) had unfunded margin calls, or (c) had outstanding documentation or other items, the Promotion Account may be deemed ineligible, in our sole discretion. No outstanding documentation or any other outstanding items should be pending on your Promotion Account during the Holding Period.

  13. If you participate in the Promotion and comply with all requirements, as outlined in these Terms and Conditions, we will deposit the cashback Award into your Promotion Account the week of October 10, 2016.

  14. BMO InvestorLine may cancel, revise, or change the terms of the Promotion (including the Promotion Period) at any time.

  15. There may be tax implications to the Award. For registered accounts (RRSPs and spousal RRSPs), no tax receipt will be issued for the Award. If you require tax advice, please contact your personal tax advisor.