Online Security Guarantee


100% reimbursement in the event of unauthorized transactions through BMO InvestorLine*.


To ensure superior quality client service, we will guarantee a 100% reimbursement for any unauthorized transactions conducted in your BMO InvestorLine account that results in a direct loss.


To ensure reimbursement under this guarantee, there are a few steps you'll need to take, including:



To help you protect your information, BMO InvestorLine conducts periodic reviews of the security of our computer systems to ensure they are not compromised. At BMO InvestorLine, information security is of paramount importance and our employees are fully aware of their responsibilities to keep customer information safe secure and confidential. Whether you choose to deal with us online, over the telephone or in person, we follow rigorous security procedures and use state of the art technologies to protect your information and transactions against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and misuse.


While we do our utmost to ensure security and confidentiality, there are steps you can take as well to enhance your security when using the Internet and when conducting business online. We encourage you to review the Security & Privacy Frequently Asked Questions (Opens in new tab), which gives you a complete look at the tools and safe computing practices we offer to help you enhance your online security.


In addition to this, here are some easy steps that can help keep your personal information secure:

Manage your passwords

Keep your passwords safe by never disclosing them, changing them regularly and ensuring the passwords you select are not overly simplistic.

Set up two-step verification

Add another layer of protection to your account with two-step verification. To help prevent unauthorized access to your account, you will be prompted to enter a 4-digit verification code when your device is not recognized. You’ll receive the verification code as a text or voicemail. You can add up to 10 phone numbers when you enroll for added convenience.

Set up Challenge Questions

Another way to protect your account is by setting up challenge questions. If your device is unrecognized, you can choose to answer a challenge question to verify your identity instead of requesting a verification code.

Safeguard your computers

In addition to using a firewall and anti-virus software, protect your computer's privacy by regularly installing security updates, clearing your browser's cache and protecting your laptop with a password. Keep in mind that anti-virus programs often cannot detect spyware on your computer. You may need a special spyware removal program.

Practice safe surfing

Take steps to protect yourself against "phishing"— a type of online fraud that asks you to disclose private information. Think twice before clicking on links embedded in emails asking you to log into your account. Other signs that a site may be suspicious include misspelled or slightly altered website addresses. Check the URL in your browser to make sure the website is authentic.

Check for security

Legitimate organizations that allow you to conduct online transactions generally take steps to safeguard your security. Look for the security certificate on each site to make sure it is valid. You can confirm this by double-clicking on the locked padlock icon. By informing yourself about ways to stay safe online, you do more than protect the confidentiality of your data. You also arm yourself with the knowledge you need to enjoy the benefits of online investing transactions. In the event that you notify us of an unauthorized transaction, we will work closely with you to complete a prompt and thorough investigation. We will rely on your assistance in taking all necessary measures to protect you from additional losses. This includes your permission to employ a third party to investigate and review the virus present on your computer.

What We Do

Some of the security measures we have in place to help protect you when using our online investing services include:


  • Strong encryption technology to help ensure that data passing between your PC and our web server is secure. Therefore you must have a browser that supports this level of encryption (in technical jargon: 128 bit encryption).
  • Digital certificates issued by trusted third-party companies to let you know that our website is secure and genuine.
  • Automatic log out after 15 minutes of inactivity.
  • Firewalls to protect your information with us.

What We Don't Do

  • We never send you messages asking you to provide us with personal or account information via email (i.e. phishing). If you do receive an email that appears to be from BMO InvestorLine asking you for personal information, please contact us immediately.

What You Can Do

  • Ensure you have installed the latest Spyware detection and firewall software on your computer(s).
  • Do not share your account numbers and Passwords with anyone.
  • Keep in mind that email messages are not encrypted and therefore are subject to being intercepted and read by third-parties. Please do not send us any personal information by email.
  • Do not use public computers to login to your BMO InvestorLine account, always use your own secure connection.


*Terms and Conditions apply.

Security Guarantee Terms and Conditions

  1. Security Guarantee:
    Subject to Sections 2 and 3 below, BMO InvestorLine will indemnify you for monetary losses resulting directly from any unauthorized transactions in your BMO InvestorLine account. This does not include any monetary losses resulting directly from any unauthorized transactions in your BMO Bank of Montreal bank account. We may amend the terms and conditions of, or revoke, this security guarantee at any time without prior notice. For the purpose of this security guarantee, an "unauthorized transaction" refers to a transaction that was carried out in your BMO InvestorLine account through online investing without your permission, authorization or knowledge where it can be shown that you have been a victim of fraud, theft or have been coerced by trickery, force or intimidation. For greater certainty, an "unauthorized transaction" does not include any transaction carried out in your account by any person acting under any authority to trade in your account or to otherwise act on your behalf.

  2. Your Responsibilities:
    BMO InvestorLine will not indemnify you and will refuse all requests for compensation pursuant to this security guarantee unless you:

    1. notify us immediately upon discovering an unauthorized transaction but in any event, no later than 5 business days after the date you receive your monthly account statement following the date of the unauthorized transaction;
    2. notify us immediately if you know or suspect that your BMO InvestorLine account number or your username, and/or your password has become known to someone else or if there has been any suspicious activity in your account; and
    3. cooperate fully and provide all information and take all actions that we reasonably request when investigating an alleged unauthorized transaction.
    4. grant BMO InvestorLine your permission to employ a third party to investigate and review the virus present on your computer.
    5. abide by the terms and conditions of the BMO InvestorLine User Agreement, as well as the agreements governing your personal or business banking or brokerage account(s) or other financial service or product offered by us.

  3. Limitations:
    BMO InvestorLine will not indemnify you and will refuse all requests for compensation pursuant to this security guarantee if we have reason to believe that:

    1. we have reason to believe that you failed to maintain a current version of antivirus and firewall software;
    2. you engaged in, alone or in concert with others, any fraudulent, criminal or dishonest acts relating to the unauthorized transaction;
    3. you shared your BMO InvestorLine account number or password with any other person including, without limitation, an online account aggregation service provider, or were otherwise negligent or careless in keeping your BMO InvestorLine account number or password confidential;
    4. you accessed online investing using a computer that would reasonably be believed to contain software that had the ability to reveal to a third party, or to otherwise compromise, your BMO InvestorLine account number or your password; or
    5. you failed to take reasonable precautions to prevent an unauthorized transaction (for example, you failed to sign out and close your Internet browser at the end of your online investing session).

    Limitation of Liability: BMO InvestorLine will not under any circumstances, indemnify you or provide you with any compensation other then as detailed in Section 1 above or be otherwise liable to you for any indirect, consequential, special, aggravated, punitive or exemplary damages whatsoever, in who or in part (including but not limited to any business interruption, loss of profit, loss of opportunity, market loss, or any other commercial or economic loss) resulting from an unauthorized transaction in your account, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.