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Trust and Estate Settlement to preserve your assets and transition your wealth

BMO Private Bank trust and estate professionals make it easier to address your trust and estate settlement needs, from reducing taxes to maximizing income for your beneficiaries. We'll help you manage the key components of your estate plan1, including wills, powers of attorney, corporate executorships, the disposition of your assets, and the settlement of your estate. In addition, BMO Private Bank offers these services:

    Individual Retirement Trusts

    If you have significant retirement assets, an Individual Retirement Trust (IRT) may address your objectives more effectively than a traditional Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA). An IRT delivers the same tax advantages but provides greater flexibility, control, convenience and protection. As an Individual Retirement Trustee, BMO Private Bank provides:
  • A professionally managed portfolio diversified among a wide range of investment choices
  • Flexibility to structure your account using tax and investment strategies that are most advantageous for your goals
  • Beneficiary designation options to maximize tax deferral and estate planning

    Trust administration

    BMO Private Bank also serves as corporate trustee, offering:
  • Management, investment and distribution of assets
  • Distribution of trust funds in accordance with your stated wishes
  • Confidentiality of your information
  • Preparation of tax-related documents

    Estate administration

    BMO Private Bank will apply the utmost skill, sensitivity and discretion in helping you plan for the disposition of your assets and the settlement of your estate. Our professional team of specialists can:
  • Probate your will
  • Collect assets and information
  • Determine debts and claims against the estate
  • Manage all elements of the estate, including investments
  • Analyze and resolve complex, time-consuming tax issues
  • Determine and arrange payment of all taxes
Featured Case Study: Financing a Golden Opportunity

Taking over new financial reins

Kelly and Diane, sisters age 42 and 46
Both married with children
School teacher and real estate agent Manager of a private equity fund
Personal net worth: $2 million each

Our dad died in 1998, and our mom passed away just last year. When my sister and I met with the lawyer about our parents’ estate, we were stunned to find out that they had left us each $2 million. We had no idea they had that kind of money. I suppose they never said anything because they expected us to work hard for a living, just the way they had.

So on top of dealing with the loss of our mother, my sister and I also had to cope with this sudden wealth. Of course it was thrilling, but the huge layer of complexity it added to our financial lives was utterly daunting. When the attorney noticed we were at a loss for what to do, he recommended that we talk to a wealth advisor at BMO Private Bank. We took his advice right away. The woman we met there was really understanding and patient, which we truly appreciated given our emotional state. She spent a lot of time getting to know us, and then explained a bit about how BMO Private Bank helps people in our position. She concluded by suggesting that we come back after we’d had time to adjust to our new situation and think clearly about our futures.

About a month later, we did get together again. Our wealth advisor helped us work through all kinds of details with our attorney—from settling the estate to establishing trust funds for our children. Now she’s helping us learn about the investment world. Having such a caring, attentive advisor has been an incredible relief to my sister, and to me.

1 Estate Planning requires legal assistance, which BMO Harris Bank N.A. and its affiliates do not provide. Consult your personal counsel.

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