Fees and Agreements - Terms & Conditions

Fees funded from U.S. Dollar accounts will be collected in U.S. dollars.

Note: The Smart Saver Account is not available under an Everyday Banking Plan.

Fees funded from U.S. dollar accounts will be charged in U.S. dollars.

USD deposits are not eligible for CDIC deposit insurance.

  1. This information is for existing account holders only.
  2. This account cannot be included as part of an Everyday Bank Plan.
  3. Additional fees may be charged by the merchant for use of point-of-sale devices.
  4. Get one free transfer per month from your Smart Saver or Savings Builder Account to your other BMO accounts through any BMO channel. Each additional transfer is $5.00.
  5. This fee is charged when you complete an account history through the interactive voice response (IVR) system. A $5.00 fee will apply for each account history inquiry with a customer contact agent.
  6. These fees apply when you complete transactions through the interactive voice response (IVR) system. Assisted-service fees will apply when transactions are completed with a customer contact agent.
  7. A bill payment handling fee of $1.50 applies where applicable.
  8. One paper statement is included with the Practical Plan, Kids discounted banking program and Senior Plan (no longer offered) at no charge. This fee will apply for each additional account statement.
  9. The set-up fee is not applicable where the transfer is for automatic savings or regular contributions to a mutual fund, RRSP or savings account.
  10. You must have a signed verbal/facsimile agreement with your branch before instructions can be accepted by telephone.
  11. Available at select BMO Bank of Montreal branches.
  12. Cost of personalized cheque orders for personal deposit accounts will depend on quantity and type selected. Not available with the Smart Saver Account.
  13. Foreign currency items deposited and subsequently returned may incur a foreign currency loss due to rate fluctuations. Foreign currency cheque fee does not apply to American Express Travellers Cheques. Travellers cheques in U.S. dollars other than those issued by American Express cannot be negotiated at a BMO branch.
  14. Other financial institutions may charge associated fees. In the event that an item is received on collection, we may charge fees.
  15. Fee is in addition to any debit transaction fees.
  16. Available to qualified customers. Interest will be charged on the daily overdraft balance at prevailing overdraft interest rates and charged to the account on the last day of the month.
  17. Fee applies to each item that creates or increases overdraft. We process debit transactions against accounts in the order in which we receive them via the clearing system.
  18. The time used for determining if an Interac e-Transfer is cancelled the same day is 12 a.m. ET. All Interac e-Transfers sent on or after 12a.m. ET and cancelled before 12 a.m. ET the same day, will not be charged the cancellation fee. This fee is in addition to the non-refundable Interac e-Transfer fee ($1.00 for Personal Banking customers and $1.50 for Commercial Banking customers), if applicable.
  19. Fee applies when you exceed your Overdraft Protection limit or when you create an overdraft for which you do not have prior arrangements on your account and the item is paid. We process debit transactions against accounts in the order in which we receive them via the clearing system. Overdraft per item charges will be incurred in the same order as items are received from the clearing system.
  20. U.S. Dollar drafts are drawn on BMO Harris Bank NA and are subject to United States Anti-Money Laundering regulations, including screening the payee against the Specially Designated Nationals and Sanctioned Countries list maintained by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, an agency of the Government of the United States. Depending on the result of that screening, a payee might not be able to cash a U.S. Dollar draft.
  21. The receiving financial institution may charge associated fees.
  22. U.S. Dollar money orders and drafts are available at no cost when purchased through a U.S. dollar personal account.
  23. Additional fees may be charged by BMO and/or other financial institutions for refunds or replacements of lost or stolen money orders or drafts.
  24. Other financial institutions may have associated fees for incoming and outgoing wire transfers. Inquiries/traces etc may be subject to fees other than those collected by BMO. Inquire in branch for details.
  25. Fees are per $5,000 (CDN equivalent) sundry foreign currency order.
  26. Non-BMO channels may have their own charges for transactions.
  27. Fee does not apply for use of BMO Harris Bank machines on the Cirrus network.
  28. $3.00 ATM network fee is waived. Other transaction fees may apply.
  29. Applies to purchases made outside of Canada on the Maestro network. Other transaction or network fees may apply.
  30. At the discretion of the branch.
  31. With valid identification. Refer to the “Identification Requirement for Personal Accounts” listed in this Agreement.
  32. Up to $1,500. Fee does not apply to BMO Harris Bank debit card and credit card cardholders.
  33. Fee does not apply to BMO Harris Bank debit and credit cardholders.
  34. Travellers cheques in U.S. dollars other than those issued by American Express cannot be negotiated at a BMO Bank of Montreal branch.
  35. All sizes may not be available at all Canadian branches. Fees for related services will apply. Sizes are measured in inches.
  36. USD deposits are not eligible.
  37. Only for Interest Chequing accounts that used to be Investment Chequing Account, Chequable Savings Account, True Savings Account and Investment Savings Account.
  38. Accounts that do not meet the minimum monthly balance requirement will be charged a $1.00 monthly account maintenance fee.
  39. These Banking Plans are no longer offered.
  40. Free banking applies to the Teens, Students and Recent Graduates discounted banking programs in the Plus Plan. You are responsible for all fees relating to any transactions, services and products not included in your Bank Plan.