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You can find helpful information about Online Banking in the Help Centre. Simply navigate to the relevant page to find the information you are looking for.

Help with My Payments & Transfers

Payees are the companies and organizations that you receive bills from. Before you can pay your bills through Online Banking, you must add payees to your profile.

You may add up to 99 payees to your profile.

Making a payment using your BMO MasterCard for Business or BMO Line of Credit

If you use your BMO MasterCard for Business or BMO Line of Credit to pay a bill, the transaction is considered a cash advance and interest is charged from the date of the advance until the cash advance is paid in full.

Please allow up to 5 business days for the payment to be posted to your payee account.

Bill payment limit

The sum of your dated and future dated bill payments for a particular day may not exceed your daily electronic bill payment limit.

BMO Debit Card for Business daily limit

Every customer receives a BMO Debit Card for Business with transaction limits. For example, when paying bills online, you can only pay up to the maximum limit that is available on your card.

To find out your daily limits, please write to us by going to My Messages and clicking on Send a Message.

To request an increase to your daily limits, speak to an Account Manager at your branch.

Available funds

Your available funds are the amount of money available to you to cover debit transactions from your account. Debit transactions include:

  • cash withdrawals from an Automated Bank Machine (ABM)
  • point-of-sale purchases
  • bill payments
  • transfers out of your account
  • Interac® e-Transfers

Your account balance and your available funds may be different if:

  • You have funds in your account that are currently on hold
  • You have overdraft protection on your account

Calculating your available funds

Available Funds = Your Account Balance + Overdraft Protection (if applicable) – Funds on Hold

Funds on hold

Funds on hold are deposits you have made to your account that have not yet been cleared by the bank.

Examples of deposits that will be held until cleared include:

  • deposits at an ABM or branch
  • non-cash deposits to a new account
  • foreign currency deposits
  • cheques drawn on a financial institution outside of Canada

Hold funds usually clear within three to five business days.

Missing reference number

If your computer times out during an Online Banking session, you may not receive your bill payment reference number.

Please check your payments under My Payment History before proceeding to pay the bill again. If the payment does not appear in My Payment History, please make the payment again.