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You can find helpful information about Online Banking in the Help Centre. Simply navigate to the relevant page to find the information you are looking for.

Help with Your Investment Details

Investment Mix (product)

Your investment mix provides an overview of the investment types in your account.

Below are some examples or definition of what is included in your investment mix

  • BMO Deposit Products: Includes savings accounts and/or Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs).
  • Security Funds: Designed to help preserve your wealth and provide a modest level of income. Money market funds are typical security funds.
  • Income Funds: Recommended option when you want investments to generate regular income. Bonds, mortgages and other fixed income securities are typical income funds.
  • Growth Funds: Provides your investment portfolio with higher long-term returns. Stocks are typical growth funds.
  • Aggressive Growth Funds: Maximizes your return potential. However, risk and volatility can be higher than with other types of funds.
  • BMO LifeStage Plus Funds: Innovative funds with target dates that meet your financial goals within a specific timeframe, while providing guaranteed protection of investment gains.
  • BMO Portfolios: A selection of portfolios or programs that are professionally managed by fund managers. Each has varying degrees of risk and investment options. Explore your investment options by viewing the different portfolios we offer.

% of This Account

This is the percentage of the investment type held in your investment account. This percentage is calculated by dividing the market value of the investment type by the account balance.

Total Units/Shares

This is the total amount of units/shares you own in this fund.

Price Per Unit/Share

This is the cost of one unit of a mutual fund.

Market Value

The value of an investment or portfolio of investments at a particular point in time. This may not necessarily be today's value.

Original Cost

The total costs associated with the purchase of an asset.

Current Balance

Your current balance is the amount you originally invested and it does not include any interest accrued.

Proceeds from matured deposits1 with instructions to pay by direct deposit to account are deposited into your chequing/savings account on the maturity date but will continue to appear in your investment account balances until the end of the day at maturity. Purchases made today will appear in the investment account today but are effective as of purchase date.

Transaction History

A record of all the activities that has occurred in your investment account in the past 18 months.

1Excludes BMO Progressive GICs