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'IKE NO I KA LĀ O KA ‘IKE, MANA NO I KA LĀ O KA MANA – there is a time for knowledge and a time for mana (power).

"You always have a choice: to think or to act. But do not react without thinking. Sometimes in life you are learning…sometimes you put learning into practice…but you never finish learning. Follow your instincts."

Hawaiians believe you have three piko (likened to chakras). One is your navel, one is the crown and another is your reproductive organs. All three piko are essential for the exchange of universal energy for survival. Your navel is where you were nourished in the womb before your birth; your crown opens up to the heavens and gives you strength and nourishment from the spirit world throughout your life; and your reproductive organs are where you pass on your knowledge and life essence to the next generation.

Come join us for the Aloha 2012 National Sales Conference in Hawaii!

Mark your calendars now: April 14-21, 2012

All of this could be yours for as little as 85,000 conference credits.

More details Aloha Hawaii 2012 National Sales Conference

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