Guaranteed Market Indexed Account (GMIA): the first option of its kind on any UL plan in Canada
Universal Life
  • Exposure to equity market performance, with the security of a GIC
  • Net rates of return are guaranteed never to be negative
  • Interest that’s calculated and credited EVERY YEAR over the Investment Term
  • $5,000 minimum lump sum deposit on all new Life Dimensions policies (issued under version 2010/11/18)
  • Flexibility to switch to a Fixed Interest Rate Option or other available GMIAs on Interest Crediting Dates without any penalty

The GMIA is ideal for those of your clients who are looking to maximize the tax-deferred growth in a UL policy with an investment option that gives them equity-style returns with a minimum guarantee! Here’s a new planning idea for you to consider.

Case Study: Sid and Martha are both 55 years old and in good health. They:

  • need permanent insurance
  • have company pension plans
  • have a well-funded RRSP for their retirement needs
  • have a surplus of non-registered cash sitting in GICs which they have set aside for their kids
  • are looking to keep their money safe but wonder if they can inject some growth potential into these funds.

Option 1: Make deposits into a UL plan with a GMIA
Option 2: Invest in GICs at 4%

Estate Value (after-tax)
56 25,000 546,000 25,580
57 25,000 546,000 51,753
58 25,000 575,279 78,534
59 25,000 607,309 105,936
60 25,000 630,286 133,974
65 0 432,558 150,253
85 0 476,765 237,702
100 0 1,060,962 335,306

The Results: The GMIA on Life Dimensions projects better values than keeping their money in GICs. It provides the upside potential they’re looking for, without having to worry about negative swings in the market.

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For more information on our current and future GMIA series, please make sure that you visit for details and install our Wave 22 software. If you have not yet received your CD, please contact your MGA for a copy or you may download it by logging into

1 Life Dimensions (Low Fees) with InvestorMaximizer, YRT COI, $546,000 face issued on a Joint Last to Die for MNS55 and FNS55 and a 5.50% rate of return in a GMIA. Marginal tax rate: 42%. Probate and other estate charges: 2%.

MB 210 (2011/07/18)

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