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Streamlined new business and underwriting process
Universal Life

We're listening...

At BMO® Insurance, we want to make sure that your apps are in and out the door quickly - so that your clients get the insurance they need and you can get paid on time.

Here's how:

  • Non-medical only requirement up to and including age 55 for LifeProvider coverage under $100,000
  • Express Underwriting Team available to help you process your cases more quickly and efficiently for cases up to $150,000 of face amount
  • Multi-line Underwriters for all Life and Critical Illness cases which avoids unnecessary delays and co-signatures
  • Direct Deposit commission payments along with online commission statements

Plus, with LifeProvider, you have access to:

  • Top-ranked Level COI rates for coverage as little as $25,000
  • Leading Term and CI riders for a bundled insurance solution
  • Value-added HelpingHands Assistance Services- at no extra charge
  • A short list of diversified portfolios with built-in rebalancing
  • Easy-to-use sales tools

LifeProvider... Great Value. Great Benefits. Try Us!

MB191 (2011/01/26)

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