Discover why tax deferred UL makes sense with BMO® Insurance. Install Wave 21 Today!

Find new ways to build your business with BMO Insurance. Here are some of the new reasons why Life Dimensions makes sense for your next UL sale:

  • The new MaximizerSelect: A tax-efficient and cost effective way of providing an all-in-one permanent insurance and tax-deferred investment solution to your clients including a higher first year commission.
  • The Cumulative Fund Bonus: A new incentive to reward policyholders who choose to tax-defer deposits in the UL.
  • More premium flexibility and better protection when things change.
  • Reduced surrender charges on Life Dimensions.
  • Six new ETF Managed Portfolio Indexed Accounts added to the best-in-class UL Portfolio.

Case Study

  • Jim and Jane are both 50-year old non-smokers
  • They already have permanent protection that needs to be topped-up for estate preservation needs
  • The also have a sizeable non-registered investment portfolio which will be transferred to their children AND
  • $150,000 that they would like to invest in a tax efficient and cost effective vehicle over the next three years.

The Options

Invest their money in a traditional taxable investment portfolio OR in a tax-deferred UL policy.

The Results

Life Dimensions (Low Fees) with MaximizerSelect (and YRT COI) from BMO Insurance provides Jim and Jane with superior long-term values and the estate protection they are looking for.

1 Standalone Portfolio @ 6% 1 Buy JLTD Insurance on Jim and Jane @ 5%
Taxable Account Estate Value Cash Value Tax-Free Estate Value
Year 1 51,965 50,924 20,264 737,000
Year 5 175,144 171,625 90,015 678,040
Year 10 212,638 208,346 200,320 598,613
Year 20 314,181 307,792 348,556 520,785
Year 30 465,299 455,791 569,152 665,395
Age 85 566,609 555,010 729,512 729,512
Age 100 1,024,903 1,003,844 1,569,694 1,569,694

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1 Based on deposits of $50,000 per year for three years. Alternative Investment Portfolio: 50% Interest/30% Dividends/10% Realized Capital Gains/10% Deferred Capital Gains. Marginal Tax rate: 42%; Dividend Tax Rate: 31%; Probate Fees: 2%.

MB183 (2010/11/119)

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