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5 Reasons Why Tax-Deferred UL Makes Sense - using Life Dimensions

  1. NEW MaximizerSelect - Ideal for clients who want to maximize the tax-deferred benefits of UL and minimize insurance costs. Also great for individuals who may be unable to financially qualify for large amounts of insurance.
  2. NEW Cumulative Fund Bonus - A new incentive to accumulate cash. Available on all Life Dimensions plans including those with "Low Fees" and regardless of COI type.
  3. NEW Lapse Provision - Designed for more premium flexibility and better protection.
  4. REDUCED Surrender Charges - Offers more liquidity for your client.
  5. NEW ETF Managed Portfolio Indexed Accounts - Check out the latest additions to our best-in-class UL investment portfolio. Take advantage of this unique opportunity with BMO Insurance.

4 Reasons for Building a Better Income Annuity

  1. CashReady Option - Available on all non-registered, non-prescribed income annuities, this special feature allows a chosen percentage (up to 100%) of remaining guaranteed income payments to be commuted and paid in a lump sum.
  2. Indexing for Inflation - Allows the client the option of increasing their regular income payments annually by a chosen percentage.
  3. More Flexible Guaranteed Periods - With BMO Insurance, life and term certain guaranteed payment periods now include both years and months.
  4. Illustration Software Improvements - Our SPIA illustration input screen now automatically shows the calculated annual taxable income for prescribed annuities (with non-registered funds).

Wave 21 Effective November 18, 2010

You should be receiving your copy of the Wave 21 software shortly by mail. However, you may can contact your MGA for a copy or download it by logging into For transition rules, click here.

MB182 (2010/11/10)

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