Paperless Payday Has Arrived!

Commission Statements On-line

The majority of you – 75% of all active advisors and growing! - already receive your commission payment via Direct Deposit, so why wait until your statement is mailed to reconcile your account? Go on-line and view it at your convenience.

Effective September 16, 2010, BMO® Insurance is pleased to provide on-line commission statements. View your current balance, year-to-date balance and your commission history at your convenience.

How do I view my commission statement?

Step 1
Go to Advisor Support and enter your User ID and Password.

Step 2
From the Advisor Support home page select Commission Inquiry

Step 3
In the left nav(igation) bar, select 'Financial' in the drop down menu


Step 4
Select Commission Stmt

Download an electronic version of your commission statement.
View it, print, save it

What information will I be able to view on-line?

You get your complete commission statement in an electronic format.

What if I have multiple Advisor Codes?

If you have more than one Advisor Code for which you currently receive statements and wish to view them all together, send an email to and we will consolidate all under one User ID. In your e-mail, please list all of your Advisor Codes and type in the Subject Line: Multiple Codes.

How do I get my User ID and Password?

If you hold a valid BMO Insurance contract, go to Login Assist from our Advisor Support Login page, check the statement most appropriate to your situation, complete the mandatory fields and submit your request. You will receive your User ID and Password in your in-box within minutes. Note: If you are unsure what your Advisor Code number is, please contact your MGA.

If you are not yet contracted with BMO Insurance, contact your MGA or one of our Regional Sales Offices to initiate the process.

How do I take advantage of Direct Deposit?

Complete the Direct Deposit Information form and submit it to us. Our new streamlined process does not require a signature. Simply complete the form and e-mail to or Fax to 416-350-7600, along with a VOID cheque to the Brokerage Services Distribution Support and Services Department. Your next payment will appear in your account. It’s that simple!

NOTE: Early in 2011 BMO Insurance will increase the cheque writing limit from $50.00 to $200.00. That means if you are not set up on Direct Deposit you will not receive a cheque from us until your account has reached $200.00.

Will I still receive paper copies of my commission statement?

It is our goal to make the entire commission process paperless by mid 2011. If you would like to stop receiving a paper copy of your commission statement today, send us an e-mail at and in the Subject Line type: Stop my paper commission statements! In order to expedite your request, be sure to include your Advisor Code somewhere in the message.

Until we announce the official phase out date in 2011, we will continue to provide your MGA with a paper copy of your commission statement, unless you or your MGA have advised us otherwise.

BMO Insurance is proud to be a part of BMO’s Clear Blue Skies strategy and our Paperless Payday is one of many initiatives underway. You can play your part and help us to improve the quality of the air we breathe.


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Information contained in this document is for illustrative purposes and is subject to change without notice.

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