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Think BMO® Insurance Preferred Term 30!

For many young Canadians, buying permanent insurance can be a challenge due to budget constraints. Term insurance is inexpensive but premiums increase substantially at renewal and coverage expires – oftentimes when it’s needed the most. On the other hand, permanent insurance provides lifetime protection but it can be expensive for young families with limited resources. Why not give your clients the best of both worlds: lifetime protection at an affordable price with Preferred Term 30 from BMO Insurance?

  • Competitive entry-age level premiums, guaranteed not to increase for 30 years
  • Renews after the 30th year and premiums remains level to age 100
  • Coverage for life, as long as premiums are paid when due
  • Preferred rates available for coverage as low as $100,000
  • Conversion to any eligible permanent plan without further evidence of insurability

    If you consider Term Insurance as renting a house AND
    Permanent Insurance as owning a house

    Then consider Preferred Term 30 as renting a house with the option of owning it ... at guaranteed rates!

MB176 (2010/09/01)

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