Financial Calendar

Use this calendar to stay on top of your financial world and budget wisely. It shows your cash flow patterns and
lets you view your calendar for any given day, week or month. Expense patterns are generated through a predictive
analysis of past transactions, but you can easily make edits to reflect your current activity.

Getting an overview

The Calendar Overview widget on the Overview tab shows your expected upcoming payments or deposits.
Here you can also view today's cash flow and a summary of your activity.

Two views in the Financial Calendar

You can choose between two different views in the Financial Calendar:

  • Calendar view – this is the default view that lets you see
    your calendar for any given day, week, month or year and
    all the cash flows within a selected period.
Financial Calendar - Calendar view
  • Periodic Payments view – this option lets you discover cash
    flow patterns, and add income and expense patterns.
Periodic Payments view

View upcoming expenses

The Calendar view shows you the date an expense or income is due and what category it falls into.

Discover cash flow patterns

Discover cash flow patterns

Keep better tabs on your financial world by tracking your cash flow
patterns. To discover new patterns, simply select "Periodic Payments"
on the Financial Calendar and then click "Discover New Patterns".

Adding an income or expense pattern

Add to your cash flow patterns by selecting "Periodic Payments" on the Financial
Calendar tab and then click on either "+Income Pattern" or "+Expense Pattern".
You can then enter all the applicable details and save your changes.

Editing patterns

Change the details of any pattern by clicking on the pattern within the widget and
selecting "Edit". You can also eliminate a pattern by clicking on "Delete."