On the Details tab, you can access Manage Your Transactions to edit all your eligible BMO personal financial
account transactions from one screen. You can categorize, tag, edit or search for transactions from your BMO
bank accounts, credit cards and lines of credit. Here are some quick tips on transactions:

Splitting transactions

Splitting transactions

Some transactions may apply to several different categories, such as a purchase at a department store. You can split any transaction across
multiple categories with these steps:

Select the transaction you want to split then click on "Edit".
This opens a new window just above the transaction list.
Below the "Original Transaction", you can enter the first category and
the amount you wish to associate with it.
Add another category by clicking on the "Split Transaction" drop down.
The "Remainder" line at the bottom tells you if you've allocated the
entire original amount. It must read zero in order to save your
Back on the main details screen you can see which transactions have
been split by the appearance of the split icon on the transaction line.

Editing transactions

Use the editing function to customize each field on the transaction line: For example, you can change the date to
when the transaction occurred as opposed to when it was posted to your account or revise the description.
You can also assign your own tags to transactions, such as adding the tag "birthday" to items in the gift category.

Edit transactions in-line

Using in-line editing

You can edit a transaction with a single click.

Place cursor anywhere over a transaction.
Click Edit next to the field that needs to be updated.
Changing the transaction category

Changing the transaction category

When your transactions are loaded, the system will try
to identify the most appropriate category for each one,
breaking it down into a parent category (for example, Food
& Dining) and subcategories (for example, Restaurants).
Some end up as "uncategorized". You can change any
category simply by clicking the current one and selecting
a new category, even creating new categories by
selecting "Add category".

Customizing the rules

Customizing the rules

You can tailor your transaction lists by setting up your
own custom rules to automatically do things like rename
descriptions or set a different category. Any new rule changes
all existing transactions matching that rule set and applies it
to all new transactions going forward.

Exporting an Excel or CVS file

You can export your transactions into your own CSV or Excel®* file to simplify your bookkeeping or tax preparation.
Just click “Format” at the bottom right of the Details page.
*Excel is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

Updating your accounts

There may be instances when it appears your accounts haven’t been updated. This often can be resolved by refreshing
your browser. If it persists, please sign out of the BMO Manage My Finances tool and BMO Online Banking, clear your
browser cache, close and reopen your browser, and then log back in.

Removing an account

Removing an account

You can remove an account from your products displayed
at any time by going to Manage Your Transactions.
The accounts are grouped by product and by bank, and all
accounts are selected by default.

  • To select only specific accounts, deselect accounts
    individually through the check boxes.