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Loan Syndications & Agency



Loan Syndications & Agency offers full service underwriting & syndication capabilities to upper mid-market clients.


Our experienced professionals provide structuring and distribution expertise in support of the unique financing requirements of clients with proven track record in executing transactions including those with cross border arrangements.




Best for


Mid-market companies with evolving needs.


  • Organizations with unique and complex financing requirements
  • Organizations seeking loan administration and transaction management
  • Organizations with unique and complex financing requirements
  • Organizations seeking loan administration and transaction management




How we help

How we help


Typically, as a borrower grows, a number of bilateral credit facilities can arise or evolve over time with different financial institutions. Usually these involve different terms and conditions which need to be separately negotiated and administered by the borrower, which can be cumbersome, time consuming, and administratively expensive, in addition to not efficiently fulfilling the borrower's overall financing objective.

Corporate Finance Division is committed to grow with our mid-market clients as their needs evolve from simpler bilateral or club deals, to more complex multi-jurisdictional, multi-lender transactions through the specialized Underwriting & Syndications group, which was specifically designed to meet these needs.

Types of transactions

Types of transactions

Best Efforts Arranged Transaction:


  • BMO as Agent and Lead Bank acts on behalf of the Borrower to arrange a syndicate of lenders, negotiate terms and conditions and loan documentation between all the lenders as well as handle all the ongoing loan administration post closing of the transaction
  • Our extensive market knowledge and relationship with the various investors is designed to give the best advice and raise all the required funds for our clients on the best market terms then available
  • Borrower continues to maintain direct relationship as desired with the syndicate lenders
  • There is no certainty of funds from the Borrower's perspective as no underwriting risk is assumed by BMO BMO, but depending on market conditions, all in costs to the Borrower are relatively lower compared to fully underwritten transactions



Fully Underwritten Transaction:


  • Similar to a Best Efforts Arranged Transaction except BMO provides full funding or irrevocable commitment to fund in advance of syndication assuring certainty of funds to the Borrower
  • BMO as Underwriter then invites other lenders in consultation with the Borrower to participate in the transaction
  • Higher cost option compared to a Best Efforts Arranged Transaction as underwriting and market risk is assumed by the Bank
  • Most appropriate when Borrower needs the entire funds in a short time frame with a date certain closing

Our team


Lyla Kanji,
Head of Underwriting & Syndications

Jim Di Giacomo,
Managing Director

Cameron Landry,
Managing Director

Allen Benjamin,
Managing Director

Francois Wentzel,
Managing Director



Toronto Head Office
First Canadian Place
100 King Street West, 18th Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M5X 1A1