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Terms & Conditions

BMO InvestorLine 2015 "Five Star Promotion"

Maximum one (1) offer and one (1) Award per client.

The Promotion

The Promotion begins on Thursday, April 16, 2015 at 12:00AM ET and ends on Tuesday, June 30, 2015 at 11:59PM ET (the "Promotion Period") and will apply to the Qualifying Account you choose to opt in (the "Promotion Account").

Provided you qualify, we will deposit the cash back or trade reimbursement into your BMO InvestorLine Promotion Account. There is only one (1) award of cash or trades per client. The amount of the award will depend on the asset threshold maintained in the Promotion Account for a period of six (6) months (the "Six Month Period") after funding (see further below for a list of promotion award levels).

Qualifying account types (Self-Directed only):

For greater certainty, account types not listed here do not qualify for the Promotion.

How to Qualify

To qualify for the Promotion and receive the award described below, you must satisfy each of the following criteria:

  1. You must have one (1) BMO InvestorLine Qualifying Account. This account will be referred to in this document as the "Promotion Account".
  2. Opt in according to the following criteria:
  3. For new clients or existing clients opening a new account, enter the preferred code into the Online Application during the application process:

New clients opening a Corporate Account can opt in to the Promotion after their account has been opened by accessing the Opt in page via the promotional web banner on the client Home Page.

Existing clients can opt into the Promotion using their existing Qualifying Account by accessing the Opt in page via the promotional web banner on the client Home Page.

  1. Your deposit into the Promotion Account must be within one of the net new asset thresholds listed below and must be fully deposited to your account no later than Thursday, August 27, 2015, split deposits into more than one account are not eligible.
  2. You may only receive the one Award that is applicable to the level of net new assets deposited into the Promotion Account and the Award is not cumulative,
  3. You must maintain the minimum asset threshold of one of the award levels below for the Six Month Period after funding the Promotion Account, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

The Award

The promotion asset thresholds and award levels are:

Asset threshold Award Level
$100,000 CDN to $249,999 CDN $250.00 CDN cash back
125 trades (maximum of $1,250 CDN reimbursement) used during the 90-day period
$250,000 CDN to $499,999 CDN $500.00 CDN cash back
250 trades (maximum of $2,500 CDN reimbursement) used during the 90-day period
$500,000 CDN or more $1000.00 CDN cash back
500 trades (maximum of $5,000 CDN reimbursement) used during the 90-day period

Cash Back

If you participate in the Promotion by entering promo code 5CASH and complying with all other requirements, as outlined in these Terms and Conditions, we will, within 45 days after the Six Month Period described herein, deposit the corresponding cash back into your Promotion Account.

If your RSP is converted to a RIF during the Promotion Period or Six Month Period, provided all terms and conditions are met, your RIF will qualify for the Award.

Free Trades

Your 90-day free trade commission period begins one business day after you either a) enter the Promotion code 5TRADE into the OLAP OR b) sign up for the promotion using the Opt-in Page. The free trades are only eligible on your Promotion Account. Trades cannot be applied on any other account.


You will receive a credit for your qualifying free trades within 45 days after the Six Month Period described herein (the “Credit”). You will be credited the value of the trade commission for equity trades placed through the BMO InvestorLine website or mobile app. The total commission credited to a Promotion Account shall not exceed the $5,000.00 CDN.


The account you use to qualify for the promotion cannot be funded by transferring funds from another account with BMO InvestorLine, BMO Nesbitt Burns, BMO Private Banking, or BMO Investments Inc.. This will be tracked from the beginning of the promotion period (April 16, 2015) through to the end of the Six Month Period.

The maximum Award level will be determined by the amount in the Promotion Account as of the funding date. You must maintain the net new assets (based on the calculation of all withdrawals and deposits from and to the Promotion Account) until the end of the Six Month Period to remain eligible for the Award. If during the Six Month Period your net new assets fall due to withdrawals or transfers, your Cash Award will be determined by the level of net new assets remaining in your Promotion Account. If during the Six Month Period, your net new assets fall below the minimum threshold due to market fluctuations, this will not affect the Award level. Split deposits into more than one account are not eligible.

Within the Six Month Period, your BMO InvestorLine Promotion Account must be in good standing. If the Promotion Account has, during the Six Month Period: (a) been in a debit position, (b) had margin calls, or (c) had outstanding documentation or other items, the Promotion Account may be deemed ineligible, in our sole discretion. No outstanding documentation or any other outstanding items should be pending on the Promotion Account.

You may only have one (1) Promotion Account. If you open more than one Promotion Account using the same promotion code during the Promotion Period, the following criteria in the following order will be used to select the Qualifying Account that will be the Promotion Account and will receive the Award:

  1. Cash Qualifying Accounts will be selected over registered and margin Qualifying Accounts;
  2. The Qualifying Account with the most recent opening date will be selected; and
  3. If more than one Qualifying Account is opened on the same date, the Qualifying Account with the lower account number will be selected.

This offer cannot be combined with any other BMO InvestorLine promotional offer except the Refer a Friend Promotion.

BMO Employee Share Ownership Plan transfers are not permitted and are not eligible and are not included in this Promotion. No exceptions will be made.

BMO InvestorLine may cancel, revise, or change the terms of the Promotion (including the Promotion Period) at any time.

There may be tax implications to the Award. For registered accounts (RSP, Spousal RSP, RIF, Spousal RIF and PRIF), no tax receipt will be issued for the Award. If you require tax advice, please contact your personal tax advisor.

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