BMO Preferred Share Fund How to buy
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Fund Facts
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Who Should Buy This Fund?

Consider this fund if:
  • you are looking to diversify your portfolio with a preferred share fund
  • you are comfortable with low to medium investment risk (i.e., you are willing to accept some fluctuations in the market value of your investment over the short-term).

Investment Objectives and Strategies

The fund's objective is to generate steady income and achieve capital preservation and appreciation by investing primarily in preferred shares of Canadian companies and in other types of securities that are expected to distribute income.

These are the strategies the portfolio manager uses to try to achieve the fund’s objective:
  • invests primarily in preferred shares of Canadian corporations as well as income-producing securities of governments and Canadian companies
  • examines the financial statistics of each company it is considering to determine if the securities are attractively priced
  • considers a variety of preferred share securities based on the interest rate and credit outlook
  • may invest up to 30% of the purchase cost of the fund’s assets in foreign securities
  • the fund may use derivatives to implement the investment strategy
  • the fund may invest up to 30% of the market value of its net assets in securities of other mutual funds and/or exchange traded funds managed by us or other mutual fund managers including our affiliates or associates.