BMO Global Small Cap Fund Series A How to buy
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Fund Facts
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Who Should Buy This Fund?

Consider this fund if:
  • you are looking for exposure to international companies with small to mid-capitalization
  • you are seeking capital growth with a view to longer-term investing
  • you are comfortable with medium to high investment risk (i.e. you are willing to accept fluctuations in the market value of your investment).

Investment Objectives and Strategies

This fund's objective is to provide long-term growth through capital appreciation, by investing primarily in equities and equity-related securities of companies with small to medium market capitalization located throughout the world.

This is the strategy the portfolio manager uses to try to achieve the fund’s objectives:

  • invests in global smaller capitalization companies that are displaying strong growth in earnings or sales.This approach is usually described as "growth investing".
  • may invest up to 100% of the purchase cost of the fund’s assets in foreign securities.
  • The fund may enter into securities lending, repurchase and reverse repurchase transactions.
  • The portfolio manager may frequently buy and sell investments for the fund. This can increase trading costs, which may lower the fund’s returns. It also increases the chance that you may receive a distribution in the year. If you hold the fund in a non-registered account, distributions are generally taxable.

    Cash or fixed income securities may be held temporarily for defensive purposes.