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BMO Income Generator™
BMO Income Generator™
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Product Overview

BMO Income Generator allows you to customize the amount of income you will need to receive each month. You’ll receive a steady stream of monthly income, while the rest of your investment continues to earn interest at high rates normally associated with 5-year GICs.

You’ve built up your savings, and now you’re ready to reward yourself by putting your savings to work while receiving a steady source of monthly income, customized to your need. Ideal for the longer-term investor, BMO Income Generator™ is a smart and secure way to keep your money working for you while you are receiving a predictable stream of monthly income.

Key Benefits
  • An Income Solution – pays a stable, predicable stream of monthly income and, unlike traditional GICs, each equal monthly income payment may be comprised of interest and principal in an amount customized to your cash flow needs.

  • Planning Flexibility – planning for the possibility of a 20 or 30 year retirement? Arranging for, and reassessing your financial needs in 5-year increments is a simple strategy with built-in flexibility.

  • Customization – you determine the amount of income you’d like to receive from this investment each month, and the date on which you’d like to receive it. At maturity, you can choose to re-assess your income needs and change your monthly income stream.

  • Security and Protection – your unpaid principal and interest are at all times unconditionally guaranteed by Bank of Montreal and eligible for CDIC deposit insurance up to allowable limits.

  • Options – you can assign an alternate payee to receive the income payments, for those times when you are paying the regular expenses for someone else.


How to buy