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BMO Term Deposit Receipt
BMO Term Deposit Receipt
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Item Details
Term(s) Non-registered: 1 day to 5 years
RSP: 1 to 5 years
Access to Funds Non-registered: Fully or partially cashable at anytime at pre-determined rates set at the time of purchase. No interest paid if redeemed within 30 days of issue date. Minimum withdrawal of $1000 while maintaining at least the minimum investment balance.

RSP: Fully or partially cashable at anytime.
Interest Payment Option Non-registered: At maturity if term is less than 1 year.
Semi-Annually (April 30th & October 31st) and at maturity if term is 1 year or longer.

RSP: Compounded annually on December 31st and paid at maturity.
Minimum Investment Amount 1 to 5 years: $1,000
30 to 364 days: $5,000*
1 to 29 days: $100,000*

*Not available for registered investments. 
Plan Eligibility RSP
Automatic Reinvestment Yes, at current rate (unless other instructions provided)
Issued By Bank of Montreal
Transferability No
Available to Business Banking Client Yes, Non-registered only
Statements Non-registered: n/a

RSP: Annual Statement (January)
Available to Non-Residents Yes, Non-registered only
Continuous Savings Plan Option No
Guaranteed By Bank of Montreal

How to buy