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BMO RateOptimizer® Plus GIC
BMO RateOptimizer® Plus GIC
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Product Overview

BMO RateOptimizer® Plus GIC is an ideal choice for long-term investors. A unique solution that takes the proven "laddered" investment strategy to an advanced level. Offering ongoing, competitive interest rates plus access to 25% of the outstanding balance once each anniversary year.

Key Benefits
  • Maximum returns - Start off right! You don’t need to sacrifice your initial earnings to build a long-term laddered portfolio of GICs, as you will always earn a special five-year interest rates on your funds.

  • Laddered Investment Strategy - Automatic, long-term rate diversification and interest rate growth potential with ease of management, convenience and flexibility.

  • Upside potential in a rising interest rate environment - You can benefit from rising interest rates - 20% of the investment is re-invested each year at the prevailing, BMO RateOptimizer® Plus GIC 5-year renewal rate.

  • Downside protection in a falling interest rate environment - You can elect to lock-in your current blended rate for the remaining term, protecting your rate of return if rates go down.

  • Access to funds - A competitively priced laddered GIC solution that provides one-time access to a maximum of 25% of the outstanding GIC balance anytime during each anniversary year.

  • Investment maturity control - At any time prior to each anniversary, you can elect not to extend your investment. The maturity date will be established 5 years from your previous anniversary date, and will lock-in the blended rate in effect at that time.

  • Principal protection - Guaranteed by Bank of Montreal and eligible for CDIC deposit insurance.

  • A choice of interest payment options - Interest is payable monthly, annually or may be compounded and paid at maturity.


How to buy