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Donations and Sponsorships Application Guidelines

How to apply for a donation from BMO

BMO Financial Group’s support focuses on social responsibility in the communities it serves. As an active participant in Canadian communities, it believes in the possibilities of personal growth and achievement through continuous learning and access to education. Traditionally, it focuses on specific projects or programmes that add value to the scope of services offered by an organization in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Hospitals, Health and Research
  • Civic and Community Services
  • Arts and Culture

However, as funds are limited in relation to the number of worthwhile proposals received, BMO directs its community investment towards activities that are consistent with its priorities and that are likely to have a broad impact.

Requests for funding are reviewed by BMO’s Corporate Donations Committee, which meets on a quarterly basis. Donations will be made to organizations that are designated as registered charities by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency.

In agreeing to fund a proposal, BMO may stipulate the terms of a donation and the proposed payment schedule for a multi-year commitment. For eligible campaigns, the maximum contribution will not exceed .5% of the private sector fundraising objective. In the case of campaign requests with a private sector fundraising goal of $10 million or less, a donation of up to 1% of the private sector fundraising goal may be considered.

A hiatus of two to five years will usually follow a multi-year pledge to any one organization or institution to allow BMO to divide its support amongst other organizations, which are equally deserving.

Financial/activity reports may be requested by BMO at the completion of the project, or at the conclusion of the charitable organization’s calendar year.

Charitable and non-profit organizations should be aware that applications for funding must be submitted on an annual basis for consideration.

BMO reserves the right, on an ongoing basis, to evaluate or audit the activities of organizations receiving support, and to terminate payment if the terms of a donation/pledge are not being satisfactorily met.

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Emergency Relief

BMO maintains discretion on responding to requests for emergency disaster relief in Canada or elsewhere. Donations for these purposes will be channelled through a recognized organization such as the Red Cross, which is officially designated to collect and acknowledge receipt of funds.


The following will not be supported by the Corporate Donations budget:

  • Projects/programmes outside Canada
  • Funding for an entity’s ongoing operational costs
  • Organizations or lobby/advocacy/partisan groups that promote a particular social, political or economic ideology
  • Political parties/organizations
  • Religious organizations (except for secular activities/services offered on a nondenominational basis)
  • Organizations that discriminate against race, gender or religion
  • Institutions/programmes that are the responsibility of government through taxation (e.g. public parks)
  • Elementary and secondary public schools, including student organizations
  • Private/independent schools
  • Tuition, membership/registration fees, sabbatical or academic leaves
  • Amateur or elite sports teams or events
  • Individuals (e.g. sponsoring an athlete, artist, student)
  • Organizations funded through the United Way/Centraide
  • Local, regional, or provincial campaigns or agencies of, or those affiliated with a national organization, which is already receiving a donation
  • Service/fraternal clubs or third party organizations raising funds for a charity
  • Private foundations
  • Private clubs
  • Professional and technical associations
  • Golf tournaments and other sports activities such as runs and races
  • Conferences, conventions, seminars, symposiums or workshops
  • Trips and tours including subsidized travel, accommodation and entertainment expenses
  • Purchase of tables or tickets for fundraising events
  • Courtesy/goodwill advertising
  • Low-interest or no-interest loans
  • Direct mail solicitations
  • Freelance films, videotapes, or audio productions
  • In-kind contributions, such as meeting space and materials, and promotional items

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How to Apply for a Corporate Donation

Requests for funding are reviewed by BMO Financial Group’s Corporate Donations Committee, which meets on a quarterly basis.

Requests for charitable donations should be submitted in writing. The formal proposal should include a covering letter which incorporates the following information:

  • Full name and title, address, telephone number, fax number and email address of the contact at the organization
  • General information including a brief history of the organization, its goals and achievements, description of clients/groups served, and the geographical area it serves
  • A list of the Officers/Trustees/Board of Directors of the organization
  • A list of national, provincial and local affiliations
  • Charitable registration number as assigned by Canada Customs & Revenue Agency, or other basis for provision of tax receipts
  • Most recent audited financial statements, current operating budget and sources of funding (including other donors, government grants, etc.)
  • Purpose and objective of the project/programme for which funds are being requested, including detailed budget and amount of grant requested
  • Time frame of project/programme implementation
  • A plan on how the project/programme will be evaluated and measured
  • In the case of capital campaigns, provide the breakdown between public and private sector funding

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Applications on behalf of a national organization should be directed to:

Senior Manager, Corporate Donations
BMO Financial Group
Corporate Communications
100 King Street West, 28th Floor
Toronto, ON M5X 1A1

Telephone: (416) 867-7102 or (416) 867-7101
Fax: (416) 867-6850

Local and Regional Requests:
Applications should be sent to the following addresses:

Alberta/NWT Division
Community Investment Manager
BMO Bank of Montreal
350 –7th Avenue S.W., 6th Floor
Calgary, Alberta T2P 3N9
Telephone: (403) 503-6438
Fax: (403) 503-7021
Eastern Ontario Division
Communications Manager
BMO Bank of Montreal
340 Albert Street Suite 920
Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7Y6
Telephone: (613) 564-1569
Fax: (613) 564-0280
Atlantic Division
Donations Coordinator
BMO Bank of Montreal
5151 George Street, 15th Floor
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3C4
Telephone: (902) 421-3406
Fax: (902) 421-3404
South Western Ontario Division
Communications Manager
BMO Bank of Montreal
Marsland Centre, 4th Floor
20 Erb Street West
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 1T2
Fax: (519) 633-7088
British Columbia and Yukon Division
Senior Specialist, Communications & Sponsorships
BMO Bank of Montreal
595 Burrard Street, Main Floor
Vancouver, British Columbia V7X 1L7
Telephone: (604) 665-7194
Fax: (604) 665-2610
Prairies Central Canada Division
(Manitoba/Saskatchewan/NW Ontario)

Communications Manager
BMO Bank of Montreal
335 Main St.
Winnipeg, MB R3C 1C2
Telephone: (204).985.2194
Fax: (204)-985-2328
Greater Toronto Division
Communications Manager
BMO Bank of Montreal
55 Bloor Street West, 5th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M4W 3N5
Fax: (416) 927-2899
Quebec Division
Donations Coordinator
BMO Bank of Montreal
129 rue St-Jacques, 3rd Floor
Montreal, Quebec H2Y 1L6
Telephone: (514) 877-1787
Fax: (514) 877-2150

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How to apply for sponsorship from BMO

To apply for a sponsorship, please fully complete the application at the link below. Due to the large number of sponsorship requests we receive, our review process typically takes 8-12 weeks. We encourage you to apply up to 6 months prior to your event or program start date to allow time for proper collaboration to occur between BMO and successful applicants.

Please note, we do not sponsor:
  • Individuals
  • Books
  • Film productions
  • Extreme sports
  • Beauty pageants
  • Motor-sports
  • Religious or political groups
  • Conferences

Any questions regarding this application process can be sent to

If you are seeking a donation, please redirect your inquires to Corporate Donations

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