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Making it count: Leader in fee based solutions

As the advisory world transforms with CRM2 changes in motion, you want to stay relevant and keep your practice in a position to prosper for years to come. When you partner with a full-service, full-support firm like BMO GAM who can provide you with everything you need to succeed and help you manage change, you’ll be on your way to achieving your goals.

With mutual funds and ETFs, BMO GAM is one of the fastest growing asset managers in the world. BMO GAM is committed to providing meaningful innovation through our comprehensive investment solutions. With global reach and specialized expertise, we can help you exceed your client’s needs by offering our lowest possible fees to everyone.

On average, BMO Mutual Funds F Series Management Fees are 28% lower than their Category Average*

Our Commitment

As Canada’s leading provider of both F Series Mutual Funds and ETFs, we are committed to reducing fees across our mutual fund and ETFs and offering new innovative solutions. We understand the need for fees to be transparent, easy to understand, and of course low. We also understand that investors and advisors want innovative investment solutions to help achieve their financial goals. By offering our lowest cost solutions, regardless of portfolio size and without the complexity of fee tiers and paperwork, everyone can benefit from BMO Global Asset Management’s fee based solutions.

Full Spectrum of solutions meeting a diverse range of needs

Proven commitment to lower fees

No account minimums, or paperwork

Align your practice with CRM2 regulatory changes

Industry Leading, Low Cost Solutions

Average Industry Management Fee BMO Mutual Funds Average Management Fee Difference % Lower
Canada Fund Global Fixed Income 0.68 0.46 -0.21 -32%
Canada Fund US Equity 0.82 0.52 -0.31 -37%
Canada Fund Global Equity 0.87 0.67 -0.20 -23%
Canada Fund Canadian Neutral Balanced 0.75 0.48 -0.27 -36%
Canada Fund Canadian Equity 0.77 0.49 -0.29 -37%
Canada Fund Canadian Dividend & Income Equity 0.76 0.53 -0.24 -31%

History of Innovation

Since the launch of BMO ETFs in 2009, BMO GAM has been constantly improving both our F Series Mutual Funds and ETFs. Partner with an industry leader who is committed to keeping fees low and provides the full spectrum of solutions meeting a diverse range of needs including, mutual funds, ETFs, and cash flow solutions.


Introduces 7 new ETFs

Introduces 3 innovative Asset Allocation ETFs


Introduces 12 innovative new ETFs

Introduces 4 Actively Managed ETF Series

Fee cuts to BMO Aggregate Bond Index ETF


Introduces 19 innovative new ETFs

Introduces Accumulating Units on 4 fixed income ETFs


Fee cuts to BMO’s largest and fastest growing ETFs

Fee cuts to 3 mutual funds

Introduces 5 new ETF based mutual funds

Introduces 3 new ETFs

Introduces 2 new Impact Investing mutual funds to align your values with your investments


Fee cuts on 4 mutual funds

Introduces 3 new ETF based mutual funds

Introduces 3 new mutual funds and launches the new "Retirement" managed solution

Introduces 4 new ETFs


Fee cuts on 7 core ETF products by 45% on average, permanently reduced fees across series F mutual fund line up

Introduces 10 new ETFs including quality ETFs

Introduces 5 new mutual funds and a new "Target Education" managed solution


Introduces 7 new ETF based mutual funds

Introduces 7 new ETFs, further expanding fixed income line up and adding low volatility solutions

Introduces 6 new mutual funds

Fee cuts via waiver on 43 series F mutual funds


Introduces 2 new ETF based mutual funds

Introduces 2 new Mutual Funds

Introduces 5 new ETFs, including its first U.S. dollar denominated ETF


Introduces 7 new ETFs including Covered Call ETFs for enhanced income


BMO GAM blazes a trail with the launch of the industry’s first ETF-based mutual funds

Introduces 17 new ETFs built of innovation; equally weighted sectors and precise fixed income exposures


BMO GAM disrupts the ETF market by launching 13 ETFs in what has proven to be a very successful endeavor

BMO GAM is an industry leader in ETFs and ETF Based Mutual Funds with over $43.8B, and $16.9B in AUM respectively.** By leveraging our strength of innovation and vast experience we continue to meet and exceed the evolving needs of investors.


Choose from our fully diversified and competitively priced fee-based investment line-up, including Series F, Series F4, Series F6 Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).


With fee based accounts, the investor and advisor set the advisor commission outside the fund. Through this negotiation, the investor knows exactly the cost of advice. Transparency of costs help investors make informed decision about their investments.

Client trust

Negotiating a fee with each client allows flexibility to offer clients a rate that best suits their needs. Tailored solutions ensure alignment with a clients’ interest, allowing you to establish a long term, trustworthy relationship.

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