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What are BMO ETF portfolios



ETF portfolios are an all-in-one solution that allow investors to target a specific risk level based on their investment goals. ETF portfolios combine several individual ETFs to build a well-diversified portfolio in a single mutual fund, where professional money managers strategically allocate money across various investment solutions.

BMO ETF Portfolios are comprised of award-winning BMO ETFs managed by our world class investment team. The investment team combines active fund management with passive ETF solutions to create innovative portfolios.

Use our ETF Portfolio Selector to find the right mix of equity and fixed income based on your client’s investment horizon.




Investor benefits


  • Easy to use, all-in-one investment solutions that saves valuable time.
  • Targets a maximum potential return based on risk profile.
  • Offers a diversified portfolio of ETFs combined in a single mutual fund.
  • Provides professional portfolio management with ongoing monitoring.
  • Can be used as a core holding in a portfolio.
  • Are available at a lower cost structure than other managed programs.



All-in-one Investment Solutions


Find the right portfolio to meet your needs.



This chart shows the difference between risk and return based on our portfolios.  As the make- up of your portfolio moves from more of a fixed income portfolio to an equity portfolio you can have greater ability for higher returns.  The chart also demonstrates that equities are higher risk investment than fixed income.

Full market cycle performance


BMO ETF Portfolios are core investments that deliver returns based on your risk profile. BMO Global Asset Management uses leading edge proprietary techniques to carefully manage the risk of each ETF portfolio to offer participation when markets are moving higher and downside protection when markets are in decline.



This chart shows the value of investment over time to achieve attractive risk adjusted returns over the long term.



Save on fees


In the example below, a client invested in Portfolio A pays 0.5% less per year in management fees than the client invested in Portfolio B. On an initial $100,000 investment that grows at 6% annually for 30 years, the client invested in portfolio A saves more than $75,000.



This chart shows the value of Portfolio A vs. Portfolio B over 30 years.


  • Two portfolios with an initial investment of $100,000 each
  • Portfolios are held for 30 years
  • Annual rate of return is 6% with no distributions
  • Portfolio A pays 0.5% less in fees each year



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