The state of Delaware has consistently been a leader in developing legislation that addresses emerging issues for businesses and investors, becoming the pre-eminent jurisdiction for business entities, trusts and individual investors over the past century. Delaware's Court of Chancery began in 1792 and has now developed a significant body of case law in support of statutes governing trusts, including, but not limited to, state income tax benefits and division of trust duties including the management of investments and distribution decisions. Although some states have recently established similar statutes, they do not have the supporting case law that interprets the legislation nor the clarity of Delaware statutory law. The development of Delaware's case law and statutory law took decades and now addresses many issues that can have significant impact on those entities and trusts governed by Delaware law.

Our wealth clients are creating complex wealth planning arrangements that often touch on issues such as state taxation, investment flexibility and distribution flexibility in a substantial manner. As a leading advisor to families of wealth, we are fully committed to providing access to all venues that assist in addressing this complexity, including Delaware trusts through the BMO Delaware Trust Company.

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