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Open a Donor – Advised Fund

Before you open a donor-advised fund, be sure to

The BMO Charitable Fund Program makes opening a donor-advised fund easy!

Mail or fax the completed forms to:

U.S. Mail / Overnight Delivery
c/o National Philanthropic Trust
165 Township Line Road, Suite 150
Jenkintown, PA 19046

Fax (215) 277-3029

Contact us for more information or to request forms by mail.

Please contact your BMO representative or call the BMO Charitable Fund Program philanthropic professionals at National Philanthropic Trust (NPT) toll-free at 888-344-3454 for more information regarding how to make contributions through the BMO Charitable Fund Program. Charitable contributions through the BMO Charitable Fund Program are irrevocable; they cannot be refunded. All contributions are reviewed and approved by NPT. Contributions that cannot be accepted will be returned promptly after review. Please consult with your own tax advisor regarding your particular situation before contributing to the BMO Charitable Fund Program.

Assets acceptable for contributions through the BMO Charitable Fund Program include cash, publicly traded stocks, bonds and other securities, mutual funds, and certain restricted stock. Gifts of real estate, artwork, closely-held stock, limited liability company or partnership interests may be accepted subject to approval by NPT’s Board of Trustees. Gifting of stock certificates, stocks in street name, real estate, etc., will require specific terms of delivery to assure deductibility.

Contact an Advisor