Immigration Banking Services

If you are planning to come to Canada permanently or for a long period of time, BMO can provide you with a head start in getting the financial affairs for you and your family in order  before you arrive. BMO can open a Canadian bank account for you and family members, prior to your arrival in Canada, which will be ready when you get there.

Our Newcomers Account Opening process is designed for:

  • visa students
  • people immigrating to Canada

How to open a bank account before you come to Canada

Our Canada Banking Services (CBS) team can provide you with in-depth information about opening your Canadian bank account. To reach one of our CBS banking specialists please contact any of our four locations in China and Hong Kong.

Beijing, Guangzhou, or Shanghai – call toll free in China 800-810-1438

Hong Kong – call 852-3716-0888

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are not able to hold your deposited funds in your new account longer than 12 months. If you do not arrive in Canada to activate your account within 12 months, the funds will be returned to the Financial Institution who sent them to BMO on your behalf.

Immigration Banking Services are for China and Hong Kong residents only.

We’re available to help
Call us and we can provide the assistance or answers you need to better manage your finances. For calls from within Canada or the continental U.S., contact us at 1-888-828-7288 or 1-888-883-1828. Within China, you can contact any of our branches in China using our 800 810-1438 toll free line (for use in China only)  or Hong Kong at 852-3716-0888

Long distance charges may apply.
We're available to help

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