Doing Business in China

As China continues its explosive growth, companies that establish strong footholds today will be well-positioned to profit from the changes ahead. BMO Capital Markets has the people, products and tools in place to bring your China strategy to life.

China's rapid growth presents unprecedented business opportunities. Shifting demographic trends, growing consumer purchasing power and increasing technology literacy are creating tremendous demand for North American goods and services.

With growth comes opportunity for companies with the vision to invest in China’s tremendous potential.

As an established, respected financial institution in the People's Republic of China, we leverage our extensive relationships with Chinese government, financial institutions and corporations to provide our clients insights into local market dynamics, investment opportunities, local regulations, trade programs and current economic conditions.

We have the local relationships and on-the-ground experience to help you penetrate this burgeoning market.

With offices in China's major centers, we have the local expertise and broad network of contacts to help you find new opportunities, navigate local market conditions and give you comprehensive financial support. 

Our pioneering experience and extensive network of contacts in China position us well to advise clients investing in China. Our insights into China's financial, legal and cultural systems give you a realistic picture of your opportunities and risks.

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