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BMO Global Energy Class How to buy
Fund Profile

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Fund Facts
Prospectuses, Financial Reports & Other Important Information
Who Should Buy This Fund?

Consider this fund if:
  • You want the flexibility to switch to another class of BMO Global Tax Advantage Funds Inc. without realizing capital gains
  • You’re looking for an equity fund that provides exposure to energy and energy-related companies from around the world
  • You are comfortable with moderate to high investment risk (i.e., you are willing to accept fluctuations in the market value of your investment).

Investment Objectives and Strategies

To increase the value of your investment over the long-term by investing primarily in equity and fixed income securities of companies involved in energy, alternative energy or related industries around the world, including companies involved in the exploration, development, production and distribution of commodities such as fossil fuels, coal, uranium, wind power and water.